Friday, November 16, 2012

Updates and Big News!

I haven't been on the blogging block for a while now and boy has a lot happened in the last couple of months! I'm going to start blogging more frequently because this is my personal journal and I know I'll miss not capturing our lives when I'm looking back in a few years! And I've missed y'all! Are you still out there!? :)

For the big news {no I am not pregnant!} - Joe officially accepted a job in September! He will finish residency at the end of June and his offer is two-fold. We will move to Little Rock, Arkansas {gulp} in June for a one year fellowship and then we will permanently move to Kansas City the following June. We are sort of going to be gypsies for the next year and a half! His fellowship will be in Pediatric Anesthesiology for Arkansas Children's Hospital. I have never been to Little Rock! I think Arkansas is beautiful but I am so nervous about leaving and starting fresh somewhere. And selling our house and finding a new place to live and finding someone to cut my hair. You know, the important things! This is such a good opportunity for Joe and I think it's going to be an adventure for our little family. So I'm 99% excited and 1% scared! Hah!

We went to Disney World about a month ago and I CAN'T wait to show you the pictures. I loved it so much and there is seriously nothing like taking your own baby to Disney for the first time. It was magical!!

I turned 29 two days ago! I had such a good birthday and I'm so lucky to have had so many girlfriends plan fun things to do with me (and Joe too!)!! I can remember a few years ago I really prayed and prayed because I really wanted to meet some new friends and get close with more girls in my life. That can be so hard at this age because I felt like everyone had kind of established their permanent friendships and having moved for residency and not working in town made it even harder. Anyway, all that to say that I have been so blessed to have so many good girlfriends to celebrate with this year!

So there, you're all caught up now!

Happy Friday!


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