Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Last night Joe and I met a group of friends at a Minor League baseball game! 

 And we had hot dogs all around for dinner! (and sunflower seeds and boy, those pretzels looked good too....)

It was so hot that I gave up on the prospect of cute hair and went for braids and a baseball cap. I wanted to look like this

but felt more like this. Ha! 

This Friday is my last day of my job! I've been dealing with turning in my computer and some other equipment I had - it feels good to get it over with! I'll have about 7 weeks totally off before I start school. And Joe is officially now doing anesthesia full time! Big changes! :)

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today I have a bunch of random thoughts in my mind! Who am I kidding, my thoughts are usually totally random. I think if you could hear what's going on inside my head you would be a little scared for me! Ha!

1. I would love to have a 4th of July party like this. Our wedding anniversary is the 3rd and we purposefully chose the day right before the 4th of July because it's my favorite holiday and you usually have a long weekend! Plus, we have the advantage of fireworks every year on our anniversary!! But I would still love to have a 4th of July party!!

2. I read on a blog somewhere that someone was doing a hotdog themed birthday party for their toddler and thought that was such a cute and unique idea!!

3. Speaking of hotdogs, tonight Joe and I are going to a AAA baseball game here in town. I think I've mentioned this before, but stadium food is one of my major food groups!

4. The other day we drove over to the university where I'm starting graduate school in August. So excited!

5. Are you watching the World Cup? I don't mind soccer but what is that noise??? I thought Joe had turned on a documentary about killer bees. I've never been so glad to have a Mute button on the t.v.!

Well, that's a slice of my thoughts for the day.

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza

My weekend was packed full of birthdays! Is this a major birthday weekend among your friends and family too or is it just me? Ha! Friday afternoon I drove to Kansas City to celebrate my friend Shawna's birthday (we've been best friends since we were 11 years old). I planned for a group of girls to go to dinner at Olive Garden and then see a musical at the outdoor theater. It was awesome but OH THE HEAT. I think even my eyelids were sweating! 

We had the BEST group of girls - I love girls night!

Then on Saturday my family celebrated my nephew's 9th birthday. Which is weird because I know for a fact he was born yesterday! I was there! Ha!

My sister sure does make cute kids!

Do you see any resemblance? ;-) 

I had SUCH a great weekend! I'm always happiest around my friends and family so I had a lot of happy this weekend!!!

How was your weekend??

Friday, June 25, 2010


No blog post today because I'm in Kansas City for a couple of Birthday parties and fun with friends and family! (I have a feeling cake will be involved!)

Happy Friday!!! I'll be back on Monday with pics!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We Have A Winner!

The lucky lady who will be sporting a chic bun all summer via the Spin Pins is...

Congrats!! Email me with your address and I'll get them to you ASAP :)

Guess What Broke...

Yesterday I was excited because I needed to get out and do some shopping for birthday gifts. But OH THE HEAT! My car said it got up to 101 degrees. That's about forty degrees above my personal comfort level! Ha!

When I got home I noticed it seemed a little hot in our house so I went to look at the thermostat...

Our air conditioner gave out. I think it took one look at the upcoming forecast of 100 degree days and rolled over and died. Don't you start to sweat just thinking about it?? Of course Joe was on call last night so I was left to my own devices. Which included a very complicated maneuver I'd like to call turn it off and then back on. You're going to be shocked when I tell you this, but that didn't work so I called in the big guns. An "HVAC Specialist" should be here today.

But let me show you the piece of happy I found today at Famous Footwear. Keds! Y'all remember Keds, right? Well, I'm bringing them back in a BIG WAY! I feel so Kelly Kapowski in them :) I know they're not everyone's cup of tea but I love them!

Don't worry, I won't be getting any parachute pants or scrunch socks to go with them! Ha!

I'll post the winner of the Spin Pins later today!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Taming of the Hair + Giveaway!

Last night Joe and I had our ballroom dancing lesson and I was sick at the thought of having my hair down, stuck to my neck when it was approximately 100 million degrees outside. In the summer I live in a ponytail or braid because the thought of my frizzy hair touching my neck makes me want to take a cold shower. But last night I decided to try something different: the BUN!

No... not like that! Buns can be chic! And I especially like it when it's a little off to the side - very retro!

I bought these "Spin Pins" from Goody and let's just say I didn't have high hopes! My hair is long and super layered and usually has a mind of it's own! And I decided to road test these babies last night.

So, here we are, getting ready to walk into class...

And here we are, after class and dinner outside on a windy patio of Old Chicago Pizza... (no touch ups!)...

Amazing, no?

Want to try one for yourself? Be sure you're a follower and leave a comment below this post and I'll draw a name to win a set!!

Happy Tuesday!

FYI: Goody/Spin Pin didn't pay me to say nice things about them! Ha!

Monday, June 21, 2010


This weekend Joe and I had a low-key weekend - just what I wanted! Joe was on call Friday night but other than that this was the first weekend in a long time we haven't had any plans.

Saturday night we stayed in and played board games. It doesn't really matter who won all three games.

Me ;-)

On Sunday, Father's Day, we didn't get to see either one of our Fathers because they both live in the Kansas City area. But my Grandpa and a friend were driving through town for a trip and they stopped in to visit us. They took us to dinner at Olive Garden. He obviously speaks my love language! Ha! My grandpa's friend used to work for the CIA. Isn't that so cool?! I made them each a mini loaf of banana bread for the road.

Joe and I went to bed early and watched Netflix on demand from bed. I love being in my PJs at eight at night! We watched a comedy show from Frank Caliendo and I DIED laughing. You should look him up on Netflix. He is a hoot!

Did you have a busy weekend or was yours relaxing like mine?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Five Favorite Office/School Supplies

I'm joining Adorkable Annie today with a TOP FIVE! Since I'm headed to grad school in August I am consumed with school supply shopping! It really is the best time of year! Ha!

Here are my top five must haves for school/office:

1. Le Pen pens. They come in every color imaginable (didn't Crayola get us spoiled??) and they write sooo nice...ahhh... :)

2. Moleskine planner. My new favorite thing. It's like a little black book. It's small enough to carry in my purse and it has plenty of room for lists! Yay for lists!!

3. Desk organizer. We use ours for bills. I can't believe how much it has help us get and stay organized (we used to be the people who threw the bills in a stack on the counter)!

4. Cute folders. My friend got me some cute folders for my birthday and now I'm obsessed with them! Manilla isn't even a part of my vocabulary anymore.

5. Grid paper. It might be the engineer in me. But grid paper is so much better than lined paper for lists/drawings/random thoughts.

What are your favorite office/school supplies?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Custom Luggage Tag for $0.50!!

The other day I found these at Big Lots: self sealing laminating pouches for ONE DOLLAR. Actually, there are two tags in there so if my math is correct that's fifty cents apiece.

Mama was right when she said you'd use math in real life.

I've always wanted to have some of those cool custom monogram luggage tags but never could justify the cost. So I made my own! And it was so easy! You should try it!

First of all, I printed out two blurbs I made in Power Point. I don't have Photo Shop but I'm sure you could do some really cool stuff with that!

email me if you want me to send you the doc with my two blurbs, sized and ready to go, just change your info...

Then I traced around the tag so I knew what size I was working with. When you're cutting, you should cut WELL within this line (like a 1/4 inch or so) so there's room around the tag for the seal to adhere.

Center your paper, pull back the sticker back and press the two sides together. So easy a caveman could do it! I'm just kidding. Everyone knows cavemen never check their luggage. They carry on.

I even made a tag to put on Boomer's bag when we send him to the grandparents. Tada!

Happy Thursday y'all!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Joe and I left town early Saturday morning because we found out his aunt was having major health problems. We were with her in the hospital all weekend and also yesterday, when she finally had surgery (and everything is looking better now - thank God!!). So it feels weird to come home from an extended weekend on a Tuesday - my days are all messed up now! 

We had to be home today because.... 


I'm definitely starting graduate school full time this Fall!! 
I'm so excited! And this afternoon I had my first meeting with my advisor!

Joe was scheduled to be on call tonight so he was in the area when I got out of my meeting and let's just say it was a BLESSING because I had a major flat tire that he changed for me.

Can I take an unofficial bloggy poll? 

How many of you girls can change a tire by yourselves?? 

I'm thinking it's DUE TIME for me to learn! Ha!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Boomer!

Happy Birthday Boomer! Today you are four years old.

Thank you for being my shadow. Waiting patiently beside me in the kitchen, napping by the office in the window or resting on the deck while we swing on the porch.

Thank you for being so smart. Even non "dog people" compliment us on how well behaved you are - you make us so proud we could burst!

Thank you for bearing with us when we forget to fill up your food and water sometimes (never for too long!).

Thank you for being our welcoming committee when we have people over. And always being gentle with the kids. They could tug on you all day and you'd just wag your tail.

Thank you for being excited about the little things, a little treat, when we say "walk", taking a drive or even getting up in the morning. If only we could all find the joy in the little things like you do.

Happy 4th Birthday, Boomer!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Things You Need When You Have a Dog

Lots of people talk about things you must have when you have a baby. But no one really talks about what accessories are must haves for dogs! I remember when we first got Boomer we bought a lot of things that were totally unnecessary and we ended up going back over time to find things that would really work for us. So I thought I would do a post of the top 5 things that we use for Boomer. And, yes, I realize he is totally spoiled!! Ha!

1. The most important thing you can have on your dog is a collar with his home information on it. Even though we have a secure fence and leashes, Boomer has managed to escape several times and it's critical if he's lost that someone be able to return him or contact us. And a cute collar to hang it from is an added bonus!

2. The other item that we COULDN'T live without is our collapsible crate. We have it tucked in the corner of our bedroom and he sleeps in here about 50% of the time. He loves his crate and often times when he's tired and we're still up he will put himself to bed by going into his crate and falling asleep! Since it collapses we travel with it and he always has a routine place to sleep where ever we are.

3. Kong toys. If I had all the money back that we spent on other toys I'd be a rich woman! Ha! Kong toys are the only brand that are indestructible to Boomer's teeth. Everything else. EVERYTHING else he can shred in a matter of minutes. This one is his favorite because we put chewy treats in the holes on the end and he loves to dig them out.

4. A food placemat has been really nice to have for us. His food tray doesn't slide everywhere and I think it makes his corner look a little nicer. Ours is personalized, it was a Christmas gift :)

5. A retractable leash. We went several years without a retractable leash and the minute we got one I felt like a fool. They make walks so much better and you can control the "pulling" a lot easier with retractable leashes!
Dog owners: what are your must have items??

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spontaneous Road Trip

Joe didn't have to work today and we woke up this morning and decided to take a one-day road trip. We decided to head due South to Norman, Oklahoma to visit our old college campus and have lunch with some friends. Nothing like deciding to hit the road at the last minute and luckily it's only a few hours drive from where we live now!

My friend Rachael is a meterologist and she works near the National Weather Service building so she offered to take a couple hours off work to meet us for lunch and give us a tour of the building.

Of course, all the weather stuff was interesting but I was most excited because they have the actual "Dorothy" from Twister displayed in the lobby. I love that movie!

Joe and I did some shopping and drove around campus like old geezers reminiscing about the "good ole days". Ha!

Then, we drove to Stillwater, Oklahoma so we could have dinner at Eskimo Joe's. We lived in Oklahoma for seven years and Joe had never been there. They could have kicked us out of Oklahoma for that.

Of course, they served Joe in an orange cup because we were in Cowboy country. He said he'd drink out of the cup but when I went to buy us both a t-shirt he said he'd never wear a shirt with "Stillwater" written on it. Ha!

After gaining about ten pounds we drove home. I love spontaneous days like this!

What do you do that's totally spontaneous??

Monday, June 7, 2010

Resident Graduation Party

On Saturday night Joe and I attended the Resident Graduation for the four anesthesia residents that are moving on to the big world of private practice. It was only slightly depressing to think about the fact that we're still three years away from Joe's graduation! They are all such wonderful people and I'm really excited because my favorite (is it bad to choose favorites?) senior resident is staying here in town and I think I'll solicit her to do my epidural when I have a baby! Ha!

I wore this Cynthia Rowley dress with a black belt. I can't believe I didn't take one picture the entire night. By the way, the website for this dress says it's $295 which is crazy because I got it about a month ago at TJMaxx for $29.99. But it made me feel fancy to wear a three hundred dollar dress!! Ha!

But I made a fatal error with the shoe choice, girls. THESE patent mary janes should be marketed as torture devices.

Patent pending.

Get it? Patent pending. Patent leather. Cute, right?

Anyway, I spent all day Sunday with my feet elevated so the swelling would go down. It wasn't a pretty sight.

Hope you had a fabulous and pain-free weekend!! :)


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