Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Favorite Things

I thought it would be fun to make a little "favorite things" post for every month this year. It's fun to think about what things I'm loving at the moment.. everything from food to makeup, nothing is off limits. I'm feeling a little bit like Oprah, thinking about my favorite things -- I just wish I could give each of you all of these products! So here we go...!

click image to enlarge

1. Skinnytees Tank. I am OBSESSED with these layering tank tops. I wear one almost every single day. They are one size fits all and super long (to the point you could almost pull them down long enough to be a dress but you can also have them at a good shirt layering length and they aren't bunchy) and just kind of hold your *cough* post baby belly in.. and they don't roll up when you sit down. And no embarrassing back or bottom showing when you bend over to get the kids out of their car seat. Winning! They are my new BFF. I discovered them right after I had Emory and I own six now. I don't want to remember my life without them.

2. Tarte Lights Camera Flashes! Mascara. I had been going steady with Covergirl Lash Blast for years. I was committed and hadn't even really tried anything else for a while. Then I got a few monthly makeup gift subscription boxes for Christmas/Birthday and this was inside. Holy lashes batman. This mascara has the perfect formula - not too wet that all your lashes stick together and I love that my lashes aren't brittle after three (five) coats.

3. Sabra Hummus. I'm not sure why but I have re-visited hummus this month and it's been awesome. It's like I'm singing "Reunited and It Feels So Good"!!! I have taken up a new hobby that involves thinking of as many different food items I can now dip in hummus while holding a newborn. Pita chips and pretzels are still my fav. Love!

4. Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers. I have been reading this since December but it's definitely a January favorite because my new favorite thing to do is put Landon down for a nap and sit with Emory in my lap nursing while I read this on my iPad with one hand. It sounds horrifying but it's just the best little mid-day mental break I need! In all seriousness, I urge you to read this book. It was recommended to me by someone who used the word "life changing" and I totally get it.

5. Clean Well Foaming Soap. I can't even enumerate how much of this we've used this month. New baby and flu season don't mesh. I love that this doesn't have any nasty chemicals, it's not drying and the scents are nice and refreshing.

6. H&M Jersey Top. If I told you I owned eight of them would you judge me? Ok then. I bought one of these in early January and had to go back for every color when they marked them down to $4.95 with free shipping. They are the perfect t-shirt top with a long swooping hem and super soft jersey. They remind me a lot of my Piko tops but they are so much cheaper! I of course wear one of my skinnytees under them and bam! ready for the day.

7. Benefit Posietint. There's not much time for makeup these days but this little gem has been the holy grail in terms of looking awake-alert-alive-rested this month! I am none of those things however! It's totally foolproof too - I just glob a little product straight onto the apples of my cheeks, blend outward with my fingers. The result is an angelic dewy cheek! Yes!

8. Ugg Ansley Slippers. These were a Christmas gift from Joe and I daresay I have logged more hours with them on my feet than off this month. Which also probably gives you a sense of how much I am not sleeping. But we will move on. We are talking warm, soft and cozy but they also have a durable sole so I can wear them outside and down to the mailbox! I just love them more than any footwear I own right now.

9. Sweet Potato Stuffed BBQ. Now this is kind of random, I know. But it's my new favorite super-super easy meal. I bake a few sweet potatoes until they're soft, then I stuff them with bbq pork (pre-packaged) and drizzle Oklahoma Joe's sauce over the top. You must have the Oklahoma Joe's sauce or it doesn't work. Because it's the best. But so easy, hearty and gooooood!

Whew! There we have it! This month is wrapping up and I definitely look at this list and think it pretty much sums me up right now!

Happy January!

Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 Goals

Coming off the year of "transition" as I called it... :) I thought it would be nice to set up some little goals for 2014. I've never done that before! It will be interesting to re-visit this list (maybe monthly?) and see how I'm doing.


  • Blog twice per week
  • Try the "photo a day" challenge; compile into a book at the end of the year
  • Take my grandparents out for lunch (maybe weekly/bi-weekly when we move to KC)
  • Host a craft club for friends
  • Host a book club for friends
  • Take a special mommy day with each child
  • Have wedding dress cleaned (finally) and stored
  • Improve calling/texting/messaging friends (I HATE this about myself: but I hate talking on the phone)
  • Watch Star Wars and The Godfather (two movies I've never seen!)
  • Have LASIK
  • Learn Photoshop
  • Research starting piano lessons (I regret not taking them as a kid)
  • Host a family holiday
  • Start a workout routine
  • A nativity set
  • A monogrammed Bible for each child
  • Copies of grandparent's wedding picture
  • Silhouette of Emory's profile
  • Photo book of the year
  • Homemade laundry soap
  • Homemade baby food for Emory
  • Fabric scrap pennant
  • DIY new kitchen table
  • Disney World (looking at November, 2014)
  • Silver Dollar City 
  • Starlight Theater in Kansas City
  • Missouri State Fair when we move
  • Memphis before we leave Arkansas
  • Visit Wichita
  • Visit Oklahoma
  • Try a bean-free chili since I don't eat beans
  • Try green tea again (didn't like it the first time)
  • Try spaghetti squash
  • Find some recipes I love for my Vitamix 

What goals have you set for 2014??

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Emory's Nursery

I wanted to share Emory's nursery - it is still a work in progress but I took these about a week before she was born and I know they're good to have for posterity. We are in a rental house this year while Joe is in fellowship and the nursery is small - it is a huge design challenge - ha ha!! We did manage to fit a crib (Graco brand from Wal-Mart), a glider and a dresser in. But there's not much room to turn around! ;-)
I pinned this fabric (called Love Bird Damask) on Pinterest before I was even pregnant. I just loved it. Joe's aunt so so kindly offered to make all the bedding for us. I ordered several yards of it and some coordinating fabric and she created this. I love it! She added so many sweet touches and trims. She also made several coordinating pillows that aren't pictured because she sent them around Christmas. I made the curtains myself with some linen type fabric from Hancock Fabrics that has little pink pom poms on it. 
We ordered the glider in a beautiful peacock color from Nebraska Furniture Mart (they deliver to Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska if you're local!?). Joe's parents picked it up and brought it to us in Arkansas. I really wanted the same model that I have in Landon's room... I knew I liked how I fit in it for nursing and also I figured I might eventually have both of them in a living room type situation and I can have them re-covered to match for a nice pair down the road since they're the same in style. The brand is Best Chairs and it's the Peyton style.
I have a small little nightstand beside the glider. I put a vintage style tree up for Christmas, sitting on an antique platter. I can't wait to create a little display here with some vintage books and "pretties" Emory has gotten as gifts.
I only have a few things on the wall since we're here so temporarily. I moved these vintage castle prints from our master bedroom to the wall above the glider.
I found an old solid wood dresser at a garage sale years ago. I bought it as a "future project" and then when we moved I almost got rid of it (at Joe's insistance! Ha!) but I'm glad I didn't! I ended up painting it with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Coco and distressing it. I love it and it works great as a changer with a little contoured pad on top!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Emory: One Month

Miss Emory Leigh, you are already a month old! You have been such a JOY to have in our family! We can't believe how fast time is flying. Here is a little bit about you...

Your Schedule:
You are following a rough 3 hour 'eat, wake, sleep' pattern although I haven't worried too much about a rigid schedule just yet. You're exclusively breastfeeding although I've had to supplement you with formula three times while I've had a few supply issues. You take a bath every night in the bathroom sink while your big brother bathes in the tub. You go to bed around 9pm and wake up at around 1:15am almost every night. Then you have another feeding at 4am and it's always a little touch-and-go to get you back down after that. Most mornings we start our "day" around 4am and then you take a "nap" around 6 or 7am. It's working for us right now and mama's not too tired so far!

-Your hair is not as thick as your brother's was but it's dark. You have a tall section at the crown of your head.
- For the most part you are a calm and content baby! This is SO nice after Landon who was colicky!
- Right now your eyes are a pretty blue/green color - I can't wait to see what they settle on in the coming months.
- You are sleeping in your Fisher Price Rock 'n Play in our room. We aren't ready to put you in your crib yet.
- You nap in our arms or in your swing.
- You are somewhat sensitive to your brother's noise as he plays around you, and he sometimes wakes you from your naps. We are working on that. :)
- So far you do OK in the carseat - you've fallen asleep in it on a few drives.
- You usually like being "worn" by mama in her Moby wrap if she needs to have both hands free.
- You HATE being cold - we learned right away that you need more layers and extra bundling to be comfortable.
- You are using your green soothie pacifier from the hospital - you need it to fall asleep for most of your naps.
- We've learned you prefer to sleep with your head tilted back - a very unique personality trait of yours!
- You are wearing newborn sized diapers and still practically swimming in your newborn sized clothes. 
- You are so curious about your big brother. He will often sit next to you and talk to you and you stare at him with such interest.
Here you are compared to your brother at one month. I think you do look alike!
The outtakes.. :)
Emory, we love you so much! You are the light of our lives!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to work

Joe went back to work last Thursday. He had Friday off. So today was my second day being "alone" with both kids! I  have been working on my juggling act! I have been trying to have a new activity set up for Landon when I'm sitting down to nurse (so he doesn't tear the house down while I'm preoccupied - hah!). We also changed our nap routine a little bit. But other than that we are getting back into our old schedule. I'm tired but it's feeling manageable right now! :) This little lady just gets sweeter by the day. I am obsessed with her eyes - you can't tell in this picture but right now they are the most gorgeous blue-green color.

Joe and I watched about 1/2 of the Downton Abbey season premiere last night! It was worth staying up for!! :)
Tonight is Monday night. Did you know that every Monday night you can get family platters of Johnny Carino's best meals for 1/2 off? It ends up being about $16 to feed our family which includes salads and bread too - and we always have leftovers. We do carry out at Johnny Carinos every single Monday night and it's nice to not ever have to worry about fixing a meal the first day into the work week!

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Highlights

I am sitting here reflecting on 2013 now that we are a few days into the new year. I think it may have been one of our biggest transitional years ever. Yes. I think my word for 2013 is "transition". We had a big move to a new state we had never visited (Arkansas). Joe transitioned from anesthesia resident to fellow. And then there's the big transition from one to two kids. They are all great and exciting changes but my 'need to be settled' soul is yearning for the year ahead when we can make some roots in Kansas City and grow into a family of four and be settled. But who knows what the year ahead holds!!


  • Landon turned 18 months old and his language skills exploded
  • Mom visited and we enjoyed the premiere of Downton Abbey with tea and english treats
  • Landon and I visited my college friend Rachael in Oklahoma
  • Joe and I went to see The Jersey Boys play when it came through town
  • Our friend Katie took "Lifestyle Pictures" at our house
  • Joe and I had a date night to the casino
  • My parents visited for four days to help us get our house prepped to sell
  • The three of us traveled to Kansas City to see my college friend Jill get married!
  • Joe traveled to Las Vegas for a work conference
  • Got our house on the market and sold nine days later!
  • Boomer was diagnosed with diabetes
  • Packing, packing and more packing
  • Joe traveled to Chicago for a work conference
  • Had a garage sale with my friend Robyn to purge before move
  • Found out we are pregnant!
  • Celebrated my second Mother's Day
  • Landon finished up Mother's Day Out and celebrated his birthday on the last day
  • Traveled to St. Louis to see Joe's younger brother graduate from medical school
  • Closed on our house and moved to a furnished apartment temporarily 
  • Enjoyed a final night out with the other graduating anesthesia residents
  • Hosted a baby shower for my friend Jill in Kansas City
  • Celebrated Landon's birthday with a train theme at a park in Wichita
  • Attended Joe's graduation ceremony!
  • Enjoyed the local River Fest in Wichita
  • Moved to Arkansas
  • Celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary at a local steak house in Arkansas
  • Celebrated the 4th of July at a local park and watched fireworks
  • Found a new church we love!
  • My parents visited for a week and explored Arkansas with us
  • Boomer passed away
  • Had a gender sonogram and found out we are having a girl!
  • Landon and I drove across I-64 for the "Bargains Galore on 64" garage sale
  • Joe's parents met us in Branson for a weekend trip
  • Landon started Mother's Day Out twice a week at our new church
  • Landon and I drove to Kansas City and then Wichita for visits with family and friends for two weeks
  • I flew to Chicago for a four day girls weekend with my friends Katie and Trisha
  • Joe worked long hours for the Cardiovascular rotation of his fellowship
  • Joe turned 30! We celebrated in Branson with our friends Nate, Becca and Jackson
  • Had family pictures made
  • Landon had his 2-year well child visit with our new pediatrician (a few months late!)
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with my family, who all travel to Branson because I can't travel 
  • Celebrated Halloween as the "royal family and guard"
  • Met Joe's parents in Branson for yet-another weekend trip; Landon visited Santa while there
  • Traveled to Rogers, Arkansas for a spa weekend with my friend Rachael
  • Celebrated my 30th birthday with a maternity photo shoot
  • Received a visit from friends Nate and Becca for a long weekend
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving 'just the three of us' in Arkansas
  • Bad ice storm was predicted so my mom came to Arkansas in case I went into labor
  • Had Emory!!
  • Enjoyed having our families visit with the new baby
  • Celebrated Christmas 'just the four of us'
We are looking forward to another evenful year!


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