Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Exactly two weeks after Emory was born, Christmas was here. I really made it a point to be organized this year and have my shopping, cards, etc done early because I knew I'd be in no shape to do it after her birth. I'm glad it worked out that way because my mom was here to help and we were really able to just relax and enjoy those two weeks leading up to Christmas.

Our card was from Tiny Prints as usual :) I just love their cards -- their paper is nice and thick and I think the print quality is excellent. I actually had Tiny Prints mail our cards for us this year, we just supplied the addresses.
Our first outing as a family was when Emory was 6 days old. Landon had a Christmas program at his Mother's Day Out (which is at our church) and I really wanted to go and hear his class sing. It was SO cute and I'm so glad I went because originally we had planned to just have Joe go and record it.
My parents let Landon open his Christmas present early, which was a green tractor. We are OBSESSED with tractors right now. :) Joe's parents got him a workbench for his bedroom, complete with a set of matching wooden tools. It is so cute to see him walking around with a little hammer or wrench. We scaled back in terms of traditions leading up to Christmas. We didn't do Elf on a Shelf (I don't know that we will ever do the regular Elf on a Shelf anyway), but we did bake some cookies and just have a lot of "the four of us" time.
My mom went home a few days before Christmas so she could spend it with my sister and her kids and the rest of our family. The night before Christmas Joe put together our big gift to Landon -- a train table. The stockings were stuffed and we arranged everything neatly under the tree. The first thing Landon said when we went to his crib the next morning was "Santa!!" - haha!
We had such a nice and low key Christmas and it was perfect for 2013. Next year I'll be glad to be able to incorporate some more traditions because our kids will be older and I'll be glad to be able to see more of our families because we'll be living in Kansas City. :)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Welcome, Emory

Two weeks ago yesterday Joe and I welcomed our precious daughter into the world! We have had such a WONDERFUL two weeks enjoying her.

We named her Emory. It's a name I've always loved -- an old family name on my maternal grandpa's side. We thought about using some other more popular names but we always came back to Emory and now that she's here she really is an "Emory". The name just suits her! We used Leigh as her middle name; it's my middle name and I'm named after my Grandpa (he spells it Lee, my mom "feminized it" -- hah!).
I had a scheduled C-section this time (after some complications with my labor with Landon) and I have to say - this recovery has been MUCH smoother! I rested quite a bit the first week but since then I've been up and going and now I'm pretty much back to normal. I was on heavy duty pain medicine for 13 weeks after Landon and I'm glad to say this time I only needed them a week or so. This has been such a blessing because I have a spunky little 2 year old who I still want to chase around ;-)
Emory is a tiny little thing - she was born at 7lb, 1oz - but she feels so little after holding Landon. She is swimming in her newborn sized clothes still! Speaking of Landon, he adores his little sister. We've made sure to really make him feel special for being a big brother and so far he has loved on Emory as much as we have!
Joe got a full three weeks off work to be home for paternity leave. We figured out it has been his longest break since his 2nd year of medical school in 2007! He goes back to work on January 2nd and I've already begged him to quit his job because it has been SO nice to have him home!!
I am so grateful for being blessed with a healthy and beautiful daughter. Daughter. It still sounds weird to say! We are just so in love with her :) I WILL-will-will be back with more updates. I know I will kick myself if I don't document these precious (and crazy) days.


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