Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blog Award

Moya at Life by Design (don't you love that bloggy name?!) has bestowed upon me this fabulous blog award. Her blog is one of my favorites - she actually writes meaningful posts as opposed to mine which are usually about clothes or food and I love to read her thoughts! Thank you!!!!

So here are the rules:- List 10 things that make you happy. Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day and link back to the person that tagged you.

1) Nutella. I discovered it in Paris and I think I was born again. (told you most of my posts were about food)

2) The Bachelor. I love prime time reality tv drama!

3) Games of all kinds. Scattergories, anyone? How about Pictionary? Or Risk?

4) Traveling. Well, I do it a lot for a living so it helps that it's on someone else's dime!

5) Scratchers tickets. It's the only reason I carry change in my wallet.

6) Baseball season. The sound of the crack of the bat. Who am I kidding. I love ballpark hotdogs. (more food)

7) Starbucks. Tall Non Fat Peppermint Mocha with Extra Peppermint and Extra Hot. Please.

8) Small towns. There's no stoplight in the town I come from. And I like it that way.

9) Math. I was a mathlete in high school.

10) My dog. He barks in his sleep bless his little heart.

bringing him home from the hospital..err.. breeder

Thanks again for the great award Moya!!!! I tag YOU (yes you)! Do your own 10 Happy and then comment here so we can all read them :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Vacation Wear

The countdown is on! Very soon we are leaving for a cruise

with the in-laws!! ha!

Let's just say I will NOT be strutting my stuff in a revealing bikini..


but ESPECIALLY on this cruise!!

(how embarrassing)

But I have found some cute things to pack.

Tell me what you think!
swimsuit here; wedges here; dress here; hat here; shorts here

Have a fantastic Friday!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dinner Theater

Last week I was talking to Joe about how I wish our generation went to more shows. Live shows with actors. Musicals. With an actual stage. Don't get me wrong, I love-love-love the movie theater but don't you think there's just something cool about seeing an actual production? I do!

But then I didn't think anything else of it.

Joe came home from work on Friday last week with a "surprise" and told me to get ready...

When we got downtown he told me he had gotten tickets to the local dinner theater. The show was called "All Shook Up" and it was a musical set in the 50s about a small town. A new guy (who resembled Elvis) comes into town who is full of spirit and boots the morale of the town.

They had a huge buffet before the show. We ate like little piggies!!

Then we ordered the Chocolate Peanut Butter Explosion cake. Oh-em-gee.

When was the last time you went to an actual play or musical?? Don't you think there's something special about live performances??

Joe is on call tonight so it's me and the dog. I think I'll go pick up some food and watch a movie in bed.

Happy Wednesday to you!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Three Day Weekend

Joe and I had a three day weekend Saturday-Monday so we booked a hotel in Arkansas for a relaxing getaway.

And then we found out that we were supposed to get ice. And snow.

So we decided to stay home and put that money towards re-doing our office. Except it's not really a re-do if you never did it in the first place. ;-)

We painted the walls Behr Sandwashed Driftwood.

I've got some vintage suitcases and a vintage game table I'm putting in there.

sneak peak at the game table

And I'm going to have pictures to show you! Soon!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Two nights ago Joe and I both had eye exams and for whatever reason the doc decided to dilate both of our eyes. FUN TIMES. And then we tried to pick out glasses. Blindly. Now that's a genius marketing scheme. It took so long to get through the appointments that we totally missed our next DANCE class. I know you're disappointed!!

Anyway, can I show you the glasses I picked out? What do you think?

Then last night I talked Joe into taking me to five dollar movie night so I could see Dear John. It's based on the Nicholas Sparks book which I read a long time ago.

Cried. Like. A. Baby.

And don't you hate it when they end a movie with a sad scene and then BAM the lights go on in the theater?? Give the people time to put themselves back together!! Ha!

On a side note, one thing I really want to do this week is to clean out my tupperware closet. It's embarrassing. So now that I've told you I am accountable for it! :)

Hope you have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unexpected Laundry Room Cuteness

I have a folder on my computer of house inspiration pictures. When I run across something great I always save it to my hard drive and I hope that someday we will be lucky enough to build our own home and I can incorporate some of these things!

I wanted to show you that even a laundry room can be cute. (I call it a "mud room" but I think that's a mid-western thing - I've had people make fun of me for that! Ha!)

These would definitely make me want to do laundry more often! :)

Aren't those fantastic??!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Twas the Night Before Valentine's Day...

A surprise was planted.

The man of the house was working all night.

Balloons were blown.

Streamers were strewn.

A sign was drawn (used up my entire pink marker!!).

And a flat screen t.v. was delivered.

Ssshhh... Joe's supposed to get off work at 8am and THIS is what he's coming home to.

Hope you have a lovely VALENTINE'S DAY!!

I love Valentine's Day because it gives you a chance to tell those you love how much you care about them. In high school I remember you used to be able to send someone a "Valentine-gram" for $2. Most of the popular girls got them from their boyfriends, but I never got one (except for ones from friends). I've definitely had my share of lonely Valentine's Days!! So now I try to enjoy them as much as possible. Hope you enjoy yours whether you have someone to share them with or not. Those years when I didn't have a boyfriend I would consider my friends and my mom my Valentine - I loved them more than any guy!! Ha!

I'm going to make a homemade steak dinner with all the fixins' tonight but I went out and bought the dessert: Red Velvet cake with white chocolate shavings on top!!! I wish you were here so I could cut you a great big slice!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Waltz and Party Planning

Last night we had our second dance lesson. I love walking around the house before we go and saying "we need to get ready for DANCE" and "what are you wearing to DANCE?" because it just cracks me up that we take dance lessons. Ha! But y'all, it is so FUN! If you have ever considered doing it, I say you should totally GO FOR IT!

Last night we learned the Waltz. Which is my new fav because I feel like I'm on Gone With the Wind. Except without that runny nose girly-man Ashley. ;-)

After DANCE we went to a new frozen yogurt place in town. And look how freaking cute this place is!

Tonight we're having about five couples with their kids over to our house for a "Tacos and Poker" night. I've gotta get the house (and food) all ready!

Do you play poker? (Texas Hold-em?) Do you have any tips for me - I haven't played in a long time!!?


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ding! Ding! Ding!!

Congrats Pretty Hills - you've won the Beauty Giveaway!
Please click "Contact Me" in the sidebar and email me your address so I can send your your goodies!!

I LOVED reading through all the comments about your favorite beauty products. I'll DEFINITELY be trying lots of them and I'll let you know what I think!!

I'm off to dinner - I recently got in contact with a girl I graduated high school with. We both ended up in the same town (different state!!) and we're going to have a "girls night" tonight :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Movie Fashion

I found this movie from 1961 and I wanted to watch it SO badly because it has Vivien Leigh in it. You know - Scarlett from Gone with the Wind!!

And I loved the fashion in the movie. Look how pretty!

And you could totally re-create this last look (don't you probably have this stuff already in your closet??)

Pants here. Scarf here. Top here.

Don't forget today is the last day to enter the Beauty Giveaway! Skidaddle on over (--->) to enter!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Party + Recipe MVP

The Superbowl is over!! I have to admit, I had to ask Joe WHO we were rooting for on our way to a Superbowl party tonight. Ha! I'll see if I can remember exactly what he said:

Reggie Bush plays for the Saints
But he used to play for USC in college
We're still mad because USC beat OU
In the National Championship
So we were rooting for the Colts

But really, I like the Superbowl because it's a great excuse to eat lots of party food and watch good commercials!! Here's what I made:

Cream Cheese Twists

Pigs in a Blanket (I added a twist by putting a piece of pepperoni with the sausage)

When we left our party it was snowing AGAIN. I can't wait for Spring! Are y'all with me!?!?

But speaking of football, I have my own MVP to tell you about. It's a recipe MVP! I got this out of Shape magazine and I really love it. I made it Friday night. (You will love it if you like pistachios like me!) And it's healthy!!
I had to take this picture of the picture in the magazine. I had every intention of snapping a shot of it after I cooked it but my plate was licked clean before I knew it ;-)

How did you celebrate the Superbowl?!?!

Friday, February 5, 2010

So You Think WE Can Dance?

Tonight we had a private dance lesson at a studio downtown (Christmas present). I was so nervous to go. Not only because I didn't know what kind of shoes to wear, but because, well, we'd have to actually dance. In front of others.

We got there and our instructor asked us which THREE dances we thought we'd like to learn tonight. Salsa? Cha-Cha? Waltz? Swing? I thought that was pretty lofty since the lesson was only an hour, but we went with it and chose Foxtrot, Swing and Salsa.

Some highlights:
1. When the instructor said to take off on my right foot. And I immediately went on my left. Oops..
2. Joe stepping on my toes three times in a row. Next time it's steel toe boots!
3. The instructor asked us "So, are you guys pretty musically inclined?" and we looked at each other and started laughing hysterically. Ha!

It's only a matter of time before we're cutting rugs all over town!

But we had so much fun.

Then we went to Pei Wei and Baskin Robbins because dancing is quite the workout and doesn't ice cream always taste better when it's cold outside?? :)

Have a fabulous Friday!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Coming to you live from Denver!

Eating: a Wolfgang Puck asian chicken salad. Did you know the people who operate the Wolfgang Puck express food station at the airport are actual chefs?!?

WANT to be eating: Ben and Jerry's that's 20 feet away... you hear that? It's the coffee ice cream calling my name.

Wearing: new Coach scarf! Do you like it?? (it was $15 at the outlet!!)

it's hard to discreetly take a picture of yourself at the airport - ha!!

Listening to: the sounds of people talking and random airport announcements like,
"the current security level is ORANGE."

Reading: Jane Eyre. I've been working on this book since, oh, NOVEMBER! I love it! And also this post from Ty - so good!

Do you have a favorite airport?

I really like Denver because it's practically a mall so if you're bored you can walk around and shop. I remember really liking the Toronto airport. And (hometown love) I love Kansas City's airport because the security is split up by gate so there's never too bad of a line :)

Rough Day

I had a rough day today.

I was invited to California to talk at a training seminar for physicians who are providing care to people in the military. I was the first to present this morning but no one ever provided me with an outline for the rest of the training today. Well. The speaker who followed me thought it would be appropriate to completely bash my program and the way we do business. It was brutal!!

Have you ever had one of THOSE DAYS??

It's a quick trip so I'll be flying back home tomorrow (thank goodness!!) but while I'm here there are TWO things I had to do.

Sushi (under all that crispy goodness!! Ha!)

Pinkberry (frozen yogurt - I had mine with strawberries, kiwi and chocolate chips)

And I still must have been really mad.

Because I went down to the fitness center at my hotel and ran two miles.

Have a great Wednesday!!!


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