Saturday, May 30, 2009

Graduation Weekend

My husband is graduating medical school tomorrow. Babe, I'm so proud of you!!

Updates and pictures when it's all over!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Face Lift

I got a bloggy face lift! My old layout was so B-O-R-I-N-G so Leslie (info on the side) helped me spruce it up. It's so ME now :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Purchase

Whoever Said Moving Was Easy (Or Fun???)...

Can I just get this off my chest? I'm stressed. Here's why:

1) We're moving in 1.5 weeks, 200 miles away, with one vehicle. Yep, read on...
2) One of our vehicles (the one that actually has stowage space) decided to kick the bucket. Anyone want to help fund the $3k bill? Haha!
3) My job is ending and I don't have a new one yet. It's not for not trying. Had a rough interview yesterday...
4) Joe is graduating in 9 days and I haven't finalized the party, gift, family time, etc.

Ahh.. I wish I could be here:


Or here
Central America

Or here even
Here would be nice, too
Virgin Islands

Or standing in front of this...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 Weeks From Today...

Joe and I will be moving into our new house. Wanna see the progress as of last week?

Our fireplace got stoned. I LOVE. We did decide to ask the builder to add an outlet above the mantle because I'm thinking we will hang the t.v. up there.

The fireplace from the dining room...
Kitchen. I think the Travertine tile backsplash looks great. And I'm pretty pleased we decided to upgrade to stainless appliances. Oh, and I love that the sink faucet has a built in soap dispenser. Don't you hate yucky soap bottles sitting out?

The dining room light fixture...
Other stuff...

Joe and I have been gone to Indiana and Illinois to see his brother graduate from college and to take a quick vacation day in Chicago. We're so glad to be home this week so we can really focus on this home stretch before his graduation from med school. It's going to be a very interesting two weeks!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Show Us Where You Live

One of my FAVORITE blogs just started a tradition of showing off a different room of your house every Friday and this week's theme is Living Rooms. It's like a virtual home tour (and you know I love snoopin' through people's homes! I even like looking in people's windows at night to see what furniture they have and what color their walls are. Haha!)

My tour is going to be a little different because my house is still being built! But I'm no party-pooper so I'll just share what I've got so far.

The room:
The wall paint color:
The stone that will be used on the 2-way fireplace:
The ceiling fan:
Our sofa is similar to this:

The fabric I'll probably use for the drapes:

Not much, but it's something, right? Depending on how long the Friday Tours go on, I may have an actual room to show you one day ;-)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

May Days

Where did April go? I can't believe we're already well into May. The days and weeks seem to all run together lately. Current location: Chicago for work. Then home for one night then San Diego for a week. Directly back to Chicago for my brother-in-law's graduation from college. Anyone want to come do laundry for me? ;-)

I can't stop thinking about the house. I wonder if it's normal to totally obsess over your first home (?). I lie awake at night and plan how I'm going to decorate everything. And what kind of flowers I want to plant. And if we picked the right doorbell. Yeah, I'm a nutcase. But I'm so excited!!

We've gotten a lot done too:
(1) decided we're going to sand and paint our existing dining room table - bought the sander and chose the paint color
(2) ordered a rug for the dining room from here (I can't wait to show you what I got!!)
(3) narrowed down the fabric for the curtains in the living room and dining room
(4) changed all of our light fixtures. I'm wishy-washy.
(5) changed all of our carpet. Not my fault. The one we wanted was discontinued.
(6) scoped out flat screen tvs

Things we still need to buy:
(1) hutch/china cabinet/ buffet for the dining room
(2) new ottoman for living room
(3) king sized bed - hey we've been using the queen I got when I first got my own place
(4) a bench for the dining room table
(5) a fridge

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Joe and I had *such* a great weekend, but I'm pooped. On Saturday we got up early to head back up to Wichita (can you imagine the miles we're putting on our car!?) to start the process of choosing flooring and fixtures for the house. Luckily my mom (I call her my "Lead Decorator") was able to come down from Kansas City. This was the first chance we've had to show anyone the house in person and she loved it! There was definitely some progress to the house, too. The paint is totally done (Sherwin Williams - Latte).

front door is on the left. the white door is just sitting there (not a real doorway). stairs to the left of the front door lead to downstairs.

walk in pantry (our saving grace since the kitchen is a bit small)
master bedroom

After we walked through the house we went over to the supplier for flooring and picked out our wood flooring, carpet, tile, backsplash and countertops for the bathrooms. So fun!

Here's what we picked out:

Then, we headed over to Home Depot and chose all the lighting fixtures and fans. It's so fun to pick out all this stuff and not to have to pay for it in the end! Well.. I guess we are going to be paying for it every month in our mortgage.. but it feels fun now! ;-)

Then, the three of us went to an Antique Mall in Wichita (told you it was my perfect day!!). We found some cool stuff. Can't wait to get into the house!


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