Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We've landed in OKC again!

Well.. 2.5 weeks from "the accident" as everyone keeps saying. I'm feeling mucho better! Just today I realized I can now walk up and down stairs by alternating legs, rather than using only my good leg to get up. Later this week I start physical therapy, bi-weekly for a month.

We're now totally moved into the small apartment and I'll be starting my new (awesome) job one of these days soon.

I just found out that my first traveling assignment is to Washington D.C.! Joy! I've always wanted to go there :) When I'm there I get a way cool super-duper-all-access-government-badge, a govnt computer and a govnt cell phone. Oy!

This weekend my mom is driving down to OK to bring me my car, since I haven't been released to drive yet.

'Till then, I'm just chilling at home, rainy days abound.

Friday, August 8, 2008

A mile in my shoes

Last weekend I had a water skiing accident. Can you believe I broke and dislocated my hip? I wasn't even trying to do any cool tricks and I had a horrible wipe-out on the lake. Spent about 36 hours in the hospital. I'm home now on 2 weeks bedrest.

My life for now:
Friend R sent these really pretty (and happy!) flowers to the hospital:
Other friends/family have come to visit me, brought me food/magazines/books. I'm a lucky girl, actually.

DH also took the 2 weeks off to basically wait on me hand and foot ;-)

Plus.. in the midst of all this excitement.. I got a new job! I'm heading back to Oklahoma for a full time research job. I'll be with DH again soon!

Finally... London Pictures!

Well... a month later and we finally had time to upload all 300 zillion of our Europe pics and sort through them. Here's some of my favs :)

Buckingham Palace

Can't go to London without checking out the tele in the famous red booth
We created our own pub crawl...
British Museum
the Rosetta Stone
Worked up an appetite perusing the museum and grabbed a hot dog from a street vendor. The pigeons joined us.
Then we headed over to King's Cross Station (made famous by Harry Potter) and attempted to enter the wizard world through Platform 9 3/4.

One of the best ways to get a great view of the city was from the London Eye. Basically, a huge ferris wheel. We timed the ride for sunset. Perfection.
London Bridge
One of my favorite things we did, visited the longest running play in the West End. Agatha Christie's Mousetrap

Day trip to Windsor Castle, so so pretty

Roman Baths

touching the "healing waters"We also drank some of the water (very warm and salty)


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