Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Welcome to Our New Home

We got the house! Come on in...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home?

Joe and I made another run through Wichita today. As it stood both our #1 and #2 homes have been sold out from underneath us. We really needed to get on the ball!! We looked through five. And the last one, ohhh the last one was FAB. Totally. In. Love. Here's some pics. We made an offer! And we met the builder. Let's hope this works out!

Keep in mind it's still "under construction". Gotta use your imagination a bit...

As you walk in the front door you see the living room with the 2-way fireplace. Ya'll know I love those big windows!
Then, pass through to the left of the living room into the dining room and kitchen.
Through the dining room you have the master.
Awesome back porch. I can't wait to order a porch swing!

To the right of the living room you have the guest rooms.
Finished basement with 4th bedroom, extra bath and family room.

Hopefully we can make this crib ours :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Home Bound

We're in the airport in San Diego. Vacation Over. Poo! We're also delayed which gives me p-l-e-n-t-y of time to provide updates. Bring on the pics!

Grauman's Chinese Theater (the place with all the celeb footprints/handprints), LA, California:

Harry Potter

famous Marilyn Monroe prints...
Clint Eastwood has huge hands ladies!
Clark Gable too ;-)
Bob Hope
Kodak Theater - where the Oscars are held every year...
Viewing the Hollywood sign

One of my favorite parts of the trip. Going to the Hollywood Museum. They have tons of movie star memorabilia, including an entire room dedicated to Lucille Ball (my FAV old Hollywood actress). No pics allowed inside though. They also had clothes and makeup that belonged to Marilyn Monroe and the set of the Silence of the Lambs - Hannibal's jail cell. Awesomeness!
I'm obsessed with celebs so I was VERY excited to get a Hollywood stars homes map and drive around to try to spot one!
Unfortch, many of them were behind gated communities. Boo!

Meg Ryan:
More to come in my next post!

Monday, April 20, 2009


I'm falling behind on updates throughout this trip but I wanted to post some of the pictures we've taken. We just got into San Diego tonight. LA and Hollywood were fabu!!

Before we left Vegas I had to go back to Serendipity one last time. (Who knows when I'll be in Vegas or NYC next - pity!)
We took the drive from Vegas to LA via the Mojave desert. It was hot and desolate. Just like you'd expect a desert to be. But it was a great view - unlike anything you'd see in Oklahoma.

Coming into the desert was the Largest Thermometer in the World. Ha!
Cali pics to come next. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Viva Las Vegas! Joe and I started the day at M&M World on the strip.
My favorite thing was the wall of all kinds of crazy M&M colors. We loaded up on some teal (my fav color). Then Joe had to rock the Crimson + Cream for Oklahoma.

Did you know they have a live lion inside the MGM? Yikes. I wonder if anyone has been tempted to literally feed themselves to the lions when they've lost a bad hand at blackjack.
Although it was cloudy we decided to drive out to see the Hoover Dam. What a cool drive! You really get to see some of the mountains and vegetation when you leave downtown.
They're building a new bridge...

Then we drove back, ate dinner, gambled and saw a David Copperfield show. Can you believe that dude made a motorcycle appear on stage? Then a vintage car. Out of nowhere! Then he made 13 people from our audience disappear. I still can't find Joe. (kidding)

We are loving it here!

*House update* We lost it. They chose the other offer. We would cry but we're having too much fun on vacation. Evidently our agent is taking pictures of another house today and emailing them to us. We shall see...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome to "Lost Wages"

Joe and I made it through Easter weekend in KC. It was great but we were so excited to head to Vegas & California we could barely stand it.

Before we left we hit up the Yankees vs. Royals baseball game (my surprise from the Easter Bunny ;-) I got to see my "first husband" Derek Jeter. By the way, Derek. If you're reading this you still haven't responded to my letters... (kidding) I, of course, went in support of the Yankees and Joe for the Royals. I had to dodge hecklers in the stadium. (The Yankees won)

This morning we left early for Vegas. Non eventful flight. When we landed I decided on a whim that we should rent a convertible. We rolled that top down and rode through the strip of Vegas!!

Have you heard of this place called Serendipity? It's only in New York City and they have frozen hot chocolate that's *famous*. I remember Oprah doing a show on it a few years ago and since then I always remind Joe that he has to take me to NYC so I can get me some of that frozen hot chocolate. Wellll.. they just opened a location in Vegas! Last week! And let me tell you... that frozen hot chocolate was worth the entire trip out here. I salivate here just thinking about it.

We also went shopping and did some gambling. It's called "Lost Wages" for a reason ;-)

*Update on the house* We made an offer and found out there was another offer that came in before ours. (bummer) So, we waited all weekend to hear what the builder would decide to do. They decided to make one counter-offer to the other buyers. If the other buyers can't move on that counter, they'll approach us about our offer. We're not very hopeful at this point but luckily we have some back up options we can make offers on.

Friday, April 10, 2009

See Ya

Can I tell you about the next two weeks of my life? Because it's going to be crazy.

1. Tomorrow we're going to Wichita to make an offer on a house, followed immediately by..
2. Driving to Kansas City to spend 48 hours of Eater-goodness with the fam. Drop the kid (I mean dog) off at the grandparent's house.
3. Monday morning we're flying to Vegas. Renting a car. A few days of fun followed by me working.
4. Friday morning we're loading up in the car and driving to LA. I'm working. Joe's relaxing by the beach *stab* just kidding...
5. Loading up the car (again) and driving down the coast to San Diego. I'm working (you see the theme, right?). Finish working. Get a few days to play.
6. Drop off the car. Fly back to Kansas City. Grab the dog.
7. Driving back to Oklahoma.
8. Whew.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lady in Red

One of my friends always urges me to wear red. Everywhere. It must be a brunette thing, I'm not sure. I wasn't really convinced until I found this bee-u-tee-ful dress online. Now I can't stop singing "Lady in Red"...
Milly Filcoupe Strapless Dress, $300 (ouch!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Life is a Circus

Lots of updates. Joe and I have spent a few weekends in Wichita and have gotten the home search narrowed down to two. Let's see if we can actually follow through with an offer on one of these babies!

Option #1 -->
... floorsbackyard...
finished basement...
House #2 --->
Small backyard...
unfinished basement...
Now for even more fun stuff! Last week one of my life's dreams came true. I went to a Britney concert. Ha! I took my BFF Shawna and we had a b-l-a-s-t. Judge away! LOL


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