Sunday, June 29, 2008

No Bones About It

Last night we wandered through the Canal St. Martin, which is just two blocks from our hotel. This is a major hang out for the locals. They just sit along the edge of the canal and eat and drink and chat up their friends.
We've had some Chunnel ticket drama, so we woke up early this morning (7am!!!) to head straight to the ticket office and get our travel figured out to move on to England tomorrow. The tickets through the English Channel were going to be almost $800, which we were NOT expecting. So.. we booked tickets to a small town in North France that we'll spend a few hours at and catch a train from there, which is much cheaper than leaving straight away from Paris.

Then, we headed to the Left Bank to see St. Sulpice. Joe and I have both read The Da Vinci Code so we were excited to see this church in real life.
The Rose Line, pointing from South to North...
After visiting the church, we headed to an outdoor restaurant for a true French lunch. We both had crepes filled with meat and cheese...mmm....

Then, we decided to tour Catacombs.



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