Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Better Half's B-Day

Back in Oklahoma (for a couple more hours) until I'm off again for work.

Ohio was so pretty. The leaves are already changing and it's very chilly!!

Yesterday was DH's birthday! We both had the day off so we slept in and generally lazed around all day.

The night before we met up with the in-laws for dinner and to drop off the dog. They're going to babysit the pooch for a month while DH is away and I'm traveling.
DH had opened his presents early.

*shake* what is this??

Last night we went to a burger joint and saw My Best Friend's Girl.

Love you hon!


twinklingnitestr said...

Love the pic of your DH opening the shoe (?...i think thats what it was) box. lol

so was the dessert at BJ's free for his b-day? I'm gonna have to hit them up for mine if it is.

and how did you like "My Best Friend's Girl"? I liked it, bob HATED it. said it was a bigger waste of his time than Elizabeth town...remember how much he hated that one?

can't wait to see ya again when your home for a few days!! :)


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