Friday, November 14, 2008

It's my BARFDAY, Ya'll!!

I'm sooo quarter century now! Woot! 25! I'm in Denver for work but I've already done all my work and now I'm just waiting for my Hubster to arrive so we can paint the town red. When I flew in yesterday it was warm and sunny here but I woke up this morning to SNOW. Lots of it! Big white puffy flakes everywhere. Now that's a great birthday surprise.

Two things to note about the above pic:
(1) I left so early in the morning it was dark. I'm that dedicated. *wink*
(2) My freaking rental car in Colorado has Oklahoma plates on it. Bizarre.

I did my worky stuffs and then came back to the hotel and look what was waiting for me. The most gorg bunch of flowers I've laid my sights on in a long while. From my BFF!! I'm one lucky 25 year old :)

Now I'm off to cook up some adventures for a great weekend in Denver. I'll keep 'ya posted!



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