Thursday, November 20, 2008

Seattle, Take Two

I feel like this blog is turning into a travel journal. Not sure how that happened but I guess it has to do with the fact that I'm always going-going-gone. DH and I had a great time spending my birthday in Denver. Not quite as nice as it would have been to be at home, but a very close second. We even saw Pauly Shore while we were in town. Seems like a really cool guy, and duh, super funny too.

After Denver I jetted off to Seattle. Again. And it's not my last time here. I finally got to see the mountain (isn't it actually a volcano?) Ranier. It's so breathtaking.

Wouldn't it be cool to look at that everyday?

I was also told that I *had* to check out the famous Pike's Market in downtown Seattle while I was here and had some free time. It's this really cool indoor/outdoor market that sells everything. Literally everything: fresh produce, fish (obvs), handmade stuff and total random junk and food. It's unlike anything I've seen before.

Hey.. Didn't I see that guy on Worlds Deadliest Catch..?

Now I'm off to spend some down time at home (parent's home) in Kansas City for Thanksgiving.
Should be a real treat!



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