Monday, December 22, 2008

Let the Thunder roll

Last night we went with friends to an OKC Thunder game to do a late cele of DH's Bday. The game was fun to watch but it was more fun to critique all the activities surrounding the sport with my girlfriend. And I think the boys had fun critiquing us. For example:

(1) How miserable must those players be to move from Seattle to Oklahoma. That must really suck. And they haven't won, like, any of their games. We can't feel too sorry for them, though. They must make like 7 million dollars a year. *Cue discussion of what we would do with $7,000,000/year*
(2) Our (Thunder) warm-up outfits are way cuter than the Cav's.
(3) WTF are they thinking running out of corn dogs before half time?
(4) That's not even the worst of it. They can't even dispel the correct beer.
(5) Our men must like those shiny santa outfits the cheerleaders are sporting. *snicker*

(Yes, we dressed up. Alike. We're dorks like that)




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