Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Day, Take Two...

Today was another glorious day at home, iced in. Actually we weren't iced in because we were able to go out for lunch and run a few errands, but according to my employer - we were stuck! I'm getting totally spoiled!

I decided it was a terrible tragedy that my home didn't reflect Valentines Day at all (plus, I figured DH could use the visual reminder). So, I did a little craft project.

Cheap wooden sign...

Painted and hung on the fireplace...
I also attacked our guest bathroom. We've lived in this rental for 6 months now, and all I had done before today was throw a rug on the floor. I finally managed to get some things hung on the wall and add some pizazz.

Framed: one of my fav Van Gogh's.
DH made the H with our initials.



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