Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Threads for Graduation

I know Hubster's graduation is still a couple months away but I can't help oogling these pretty new J. Crew dresses for the event. Which color would give me the "I'm proud of you babe" look I'm going for?

*UPDATE* I also forgot to tell you I found another house I love. And we are officially pre-approved for a mortgage.


ShawnaLee said...

I say the yellow, bright pink or green. I know I only narrowed it down by one for you...but that's a hard choice they are all cute!
I'm really leaning towards the yellow. So springy, bright and proclaims a proud feeling! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The coral colored one for sure!! I LOVE that design. I'm so jealous you can wear cuts like that.


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