Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Amusement

Here's what I did this weekend:

(1) Joe and I watched The Birds. Who could forget Alfred Hitchcock? It's been years since I've seen this oldie-but-goodie. And it's still freaky. And, I swear, walking in to work this morning there were crows circling my head... *cue predator music*

(and I'm sorry, but the heroine reminds me of Paris Hilton somehow (?))

(2). I did, like, 26.4 million loads of laundry. Since I've been traveling for a month solid (and not even unpacking my suitcases in between trips) I had a MOUND of stuff to clean. I even forgot how to use my dryer. Oops.

(3) I cooked. Nice, right?

(4) I caught up on some of the crap reality tv shows I TiVo'd over the last month.

(5) And the funnest one of all (I know funnest isn't a word). I've been drooling over home decorating inspiration pictures. I can't wait to be *hopefully* buying a house soon... Lookie at some of my fav's


ShawnaLee said...

Love the plates on the wall in the dining room! CUTE idea!

The Birds? Really? Come on!
Honestly we are lucky there is no such thing as Big Bird...can you imagine that crazy bird hovering you-kind prehistoric.

I hope you get a house soon too *cough,cough* KC *cough*

Love you!


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