Thursday, July 21, 2011

3 weeks

(you should know I'm typing this post with one hand -- haha!!)

Landon is 3 weeks old today! This week Joe had to go back to work. I begged him to quit his job and never go back but that's not feasible with those darn med school loans. ;-)

But honestly Landon isn't too hard. He wakes up about twice a night to eat (we do struggle with getting him to go back to sleep - any suggestions??). He takes 1-2 long naps in the morning and at least one long snooze in the afternoon. We are still limping through breastfeeding with a little formula to supplement. We are really starting to pick up on some personality too :-)

Time is flying!!

I love watching his face when he is sleeping and eating. And picking out his little outfit everyday :) And brushing my hands through his hair!! I love my baby!!


Mom, Dad and 4 Kids! said...

I don't know what you are already doing at night, but my tips are: Keep it as dark as possible. I currently use a book light to light the room up enough to diaper change and eat. Don't talk to him, even though it is hard not to ;) Keep it as quiet as possible. So get him out of his bed, change him if he needs it, feed him, rock him a little and lay him down. I have 4 kids and all of this helped my kids...but all babies are different and Landon is still young. He'll figure it out soon enough. :) GOod luck! 2 times a night is great!! -Jessy

Flannery said...

That photo of him is ridiculously precious. Too cute! Keep 'em coming! :)

Jacki, Jimmy and Emme said...

Brittany! He is so darn cute! I want to meet him so badly....Let me know when you come this way and we can have a "play date"! xoxoxo

Brittany Ann said...

Ella is the same...hard to get back to sleep at night. I don't engage her at all now. Pick her up and put her directly on the boob. I only change a dipe if it's poopy. Most of the time, if I relax enough while nursing her, she nurses herself through full and back to sleep.

Also, my midwives put me on a cream for my nipple trauma. It's OTC, and if you're still having pain/trouble healing, let me know. It's a miracle how well it's cut my me

Rach said...

cute pic :) LOVE the new look on the blog!


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