Thursday, December 6, 2012

Disney Trip {Part 3}

For the last part of our trip we wanted to visit Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios. I will be honest, we did not love Animal Kingdom. I had high hopes because we love our zoo here but there weren't really any animals out {maybe because it was so stinking hot?}. It was also so crowded and we didn't find many toddler-friendly things to do. Something else random, but a lot of the areas had little solid fences around them so Landon couldn't see anything from his stroller. Kind of poor park planning I think. :(

We only stayed for a few hours. They did have a fun little petting zoo area where we all got to brush a goat. That cracked me up! And the highlight for Joe was seeing into the veterinary operating room where he said the anesthesia machines are just like the ones in the ORs he works in! That made me laugh so hard! I think this is where they operate on/examine Disney animals and they let people watch when they're running a case.
That same day we headed to Hollywood Studios {the re-named MGM park}. I love this park because I love old time Hollywood but they also had some things for Landon too so that was nice!! We of course had to see the Beauty and the Beast stage show. Loved that!
And my favorite thing was eating at the Sci-Fi Drive-In Diner. You sit in an old fashioned car while you eat. They also had a Little Mermaid show and a Muppets 3D show that were big hits!
The last few days we went to Universal Studios and finished with Magic Kingdom {of course!}. Universal Studios was awesome because they had a huge Dr. Seuss area! We spent hours there! And I really selfishly wanted to go so I could see the Harry Potter area. It was really small but love love loved it. And yes I had some Butterbeer. Okay, I had three glasses. And a Pumpkin Juice. And I got a Pumpkin Juice to bring home. And I know you're judging me but 'when at Hogwarts' in my opinion!!! :)
This is such a random little side note but I want to document it for my memory.. :) We went to Downtown Disney one night and in one of the souvenir shops they had a Mr. Potato Head to buy and huge towers of all kinds of Disney themed attachments for it. I about died! Landon loves it and has spent hours playing with it since we got home! It was seriously the best thing we bought on the trip {besides the Butterbeer. And Dole Whips...} because it's something that kids can interact with that still has a Disney touch to it. And Landon said "eyes" for the first time playing with it. :) 
We had such a great time! I can't wait to start planning our next trip! We want to try to go every year and make a little family tradition of it! We are so lucky because Joe's parents have a timeshare that they book us for free that's one mile from Disney. So that makes it (relatively) affordable!

So magical :)


Katie McLaren said...

When in Hogwarts... YES! Totally agree, totally not judging!!! Now I want some Butterbeer!!!

Kelly Jo said...

Haha, I second Katie! I want to go to the Hogwarts area so bad!

Trisha Nordstrom said...

Forget the butterbeer...I want one of those Christmas tree attachments for Mr. Potato Head!


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