Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Tour 2012

I've finally had a chance to sit down and collect pictures from Christmas! I am so sad I didn't get a chance to do a "home tour" before Christmas. I still want to do it now so I can remember the details for myself. This Christmas was really special because it was our last one in Kansas and this house. I am keeping my decorations up extra long too; they may not come down until we move in June - hah! Also, it was different because it was the first year we didn't go back to Kansas City to visit our families over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Joe didn't get a day off for the holiday so we had to wait until the weekend following Christmas to visit. So we had Christmas for just our little family and that was really special too. :)

Here is our main tree in the living room - I call it my "fancy tree". I decided to just decorate in whites and silvers this year instead of doing a lot of color. It's simple and classic and suited us this year. I didn't really put up any other decorations around the house. I really liked being simple this year. And it was the easiest to do with a toddler!
oh hello :)
 I had about 95% of the ornaments I used for the tree already! I always buy ornaments at after Christmas sales and organize them by color into tubs I have in our basement.
I bought little feather poufs from Hobby Lobby - they are actually hair clips I found in the sewing department for $1!
I almost always have birds and flowers in my Christmas trees because I just think they are more interesting than all bulbs.
I don't have a tree skirt that I love so I just used a "fur" blanket I had and scrunched it up underneath. 
My friend Katie's sister made us the stockings last year. I absolutely adore them!!!
click to enlarge
Here is Landon's tree. I put this up in early November because we had just gotten back from Disney and I wanted to use his ears as a tree topper. We are starting to collect special ornaments for him we can put on his tree every year. We also have our own family "special tree" I put in the basement family room. I LOVE this tree. It's where we hang up all of the ornaments we've given to each other over the years, collected on vacations, been gifted, etc.
we always write on the back who the ornament was from and the year :)
this is a very special ornament. when I was pregnant I recorded Landon's heartbeat into the recorder
And the last thing I did this year was just put up a really simple mantle decoration. I kept it pretty monochromatic too. :)
I had this silhouette made of Landon at a local toy store. I love it!!
The 25 are just cheap wooden letters I spray painted. And I put buffalo snow in a jar next to it.
The wreath I made during a Craft Club night with my girlfriends - it's all cupcake liners!!
Here is our Christmas card for the year. I used Tiny Prints and put in a picture from Disney: On the back of the card we set up a page through Tiny Prints where people could look at more pictures online. : )

Hope your Christmas was as great as ours!!


Kelly Jo said...

So pretty! I still can't believe you do a different tree every year - that's crazy awesome!

And I LOVE the special tree. I can't wait until we have a ton of keepsake ornaments and little ones from Kindergarten and everything - they're just so special!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I LOVE all your have such great style!! And your Christmas card was adorable! Seriously jealous of your Disney trip. :) xo

Trisha Nordstrom said...

I know you posted your "fancy" tree pics for you to have as a memory, but I am also quite excited you did this! I can't wait to copy you someday! :) Very impressive.


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