Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY Hobby Lobby Art

I have been so swamped lately with trying to get our house on the market and staging it. One of the biggest challenges I have found is essentially eliminating the pictures around the house that are personal photos of our family. Boy is that hard to do!! But I do understand the reasoning -- so I've been trying to come up with cheap, easy replacement art for our family room and living room.

I found {and fell in love with} this awesome art piece at Hobby Lobby! It was perfect! Full of fun color, non-taste specific and non-personal! Until.. I looked at the price tag. $129.99. Even if they were half off, which they weren't, that's still a lot of money to spend on "staging" art. Yikes! I passed it up and walked a few aisles away when it dawned on me that it would be such an easy DIY copy! I quickly ran back over an snapped a photo!
I knew I had an old frame lying around the house I wasn't using. I bet you do too?! I got this one with my mom at an estate sale years ago for $4. You can always find old frames at Goodwill or garage sales! I have tons that I buy with no specific purpose but are so nice to keep on hand for little projects. Bonus ~ if you're not happy with *said* project you're not heavily invested so it's okay!
sorry it's upside down. bad art but cute frame with lots of potential, right?!
So here's how I did it!

1. *optional* If you want to paint the color of your frame {I think a fun bright frame would look great!!} you'll want to do that first.

2. I bought a large piece of white poster board to cover up the original print with craft glue. As long as your print isn't too big this should work and they usually aren't more than $0.50 at Hobby Lobby! Use the matte side of the poster board.
3. I grabbed about 15 different scrapbooking papers from this aisle at Hobby Lobby. They are often 1/2 off regular price of $0.60 or so. Don't worry about being too matchy ~ I think the more random the prints are the more interesting it will turn out!
oh hello, little shopping buddy
4. Start cutting "petals". I made a variety of sizes for each color and put them in piles by size.

5. Glue the petals down with the craft glue (glue stick would be fine too!). I started with an outside circle and worked my way in. IMPORTANT: don't go in a perfectly circular motion - glue the petals down at different areas so there's not a pattern to how they are layered!

6. Voila! I waited for mine to dry overnight and had the hubby hang it in our family room. I love it every time I look at it!

Happy Tuesday!


Kelly Jo said...

Very cool! This makes me want to get crafty on these upcoming snow days!


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