Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Whew boy it's been a long time since we've talked last! We've had so many things going on that I want to document - if not to just remember the craziness years down the road.

We sold our house and it only took nine days! We were shocked! We closed last Friday so we are officially living in a furnished "corporate" apartment we rented for a month until we move to Arkansas. It's only a one bedroom apartment so that has been interesting with an almost two-year old and also we had my mom visiting for a few days. ;-)

We are gearing up for our move to Arkansas for Joe's fellowship - we've found a place to live and we've been researching restaurants/parks/museums to explore for the year we'll been there! I've also joined a few Little Rock mom's groups on Facebook. I hope we can settle into a good routine there but I'm worried we will just get settled and we will be moving again (to Kansas City for Joe's permanent job).

Joe's graduation banquet is in a couple weeks and we have so many other fun "finale" events coming up. My mom helped me pick out a dress for the banquet last weekend. I'm so excited to see Joe (and the rest of his class) being celebrated for all of his hard work for the past four years!

I'm hosting a Peter Rabbit baby shower for my friend Jill next weekend and I'm planning a vintage train birthday for Landon's second birthday the following weekend!

Life is busy but it's a good busy, you know? :)


Kelly Jo said...

Did I ever tell you that I have family in Little Rock? I have a cousin and his wife and kids that live there. She's realllly nice and super fun! I should hook you two up!


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