Sunday, March 2, 2014

Emory's Birth Announcement

I love birth announcements - there is nothing else that brings such a smile to my face when I get one in the mail. I now have two special memories of being big and pregnant and shopping for that one special card that would allow me to introduce our new baby to our friends and family. This, above other cards for holidays or events, is the one that is most likely to be kept as a special keepsake so it's important it be thoughtfully chosen and well made! :) This time around, I had already chosen the Tiny Prints "Dazzling Arrival" style before Emory's birth. I just loved the pink with the gold metallic touch - it was very unlike anything else I had seen. And I just loved the phrase "She's Arrived" -- it seemed so lovely and celebratory to me!!

When we had our photographer come out to take pictures my MAIN goal was capturing a picture for the birth announcement. I knew the announcement would be something I'd end up framing for Emory to have as a keepsake and I wanted a special picture for it. The day our photographer was set to come to the house for the shoot, I was nursing Emory in her room and just having a quiet minute looking at her little Christmas tree. I hadn't hung any ornaments on it but a strand of pears and a golden pair of angel wings. I immediately knew I wanted a picture with the wings on her back for the picture. I think it turned out so sweet - it truly captures our little angel from Heaven. We are so blessed.

My birth announcements were furnished at no cost to me by Tiny Prints but all opinions are my own. :)



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