Wednesday, March 12, 2014

February Favorite Things

I am loving keeping up with my "monthly favorites". February was cold here in Arkansas and we stayed inside most days. I've just stayed in my sweats or jeans and a t-shirt for the most part. Hibernation mode! I've also been working on my new.. ahem.. dairy-free diet. So that puts my favorites in context pretty well! Let me share them with you...

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1. My favorite pants of the month were these electric blue numbers from Gap. They're a little Elvis, I know. We are only two hours from Graceland. But they are so comfy and I somehow feel "put together" in them when I throw a basic tee on top. I've even worn them to church. Hah! I've been wearing them with a smoking loafer and I love the look that gives. 

2. Best snack of the month.. Stacy's Cinnamon and Sugar Pita Chips. Oh my word - grab some of these with a bowl of sliced strawberries and you can thank me later!! 

3. This is sort of a revisited favorite because I've had this perfume for probably a year now but I got out of the habit of using it for a long time. Then I discovered it again and have not looked back: Pacifica Island Vanilla Perfume. It's just pretty - not too sweet, not musky, not too floral. I am so obsessed!! I rarely ever use just one perfume at a time - I usually like to layer two different perfumes (one squirt of each) to create a unique scent but with this one I never do. It's just perfect exactly as it is!

4. I don't even remember how I stumbled across the Facebook page for Household Management 101 but I have spent hours pouring over the info there! It's all about keeping your house organized and improving all areas in keeping house. She puts out a monthly calendar with a new 15-minute task each day like "organize your tupperware cabinet" -- things you NEED to do but never get around to! I'm just feeling much more on top of things by following this group.

5. This is my favorite makeup brush of all time - would take it with me on a deserted island - Sigma F80 brush. It all started way back when I saw a YouTube video of a makeup artist putting foundation on Kim Kardashian. Instead of using his fingers or a sponge to apply it, he used a kabuki brush. My head exploded everywhere at the idea and since then I've been using a kabuki or flat top brush to put on liquid makeup and it makes the makeup look absolutely flawless! I got this specific brush a couple months ago and I have now committed my undying love to it for all of time.

6. Pandora... need I say more? This month especially I've been trying to turn the tv off and get back to playing music in the house for "background noise". The station changes over the course of the day. For play time I love the Music Together channel because Landon and I used to take music classes and know many of those songs. I also love the Lullaby channel. For quiet time or rocking the baby to sleep I love my classical music channels. While we eat dinner I often put Country Love Songs on. I ended up buying the Pandora One subscription last month to eliminate the ads and have been loving it!

7. Best "Come on, Summer!" snack - Luigi's Real Italian Ice (I get a variety pack from Sam's Club). They're a nice cold and refreshing replacement for ice cream. I usually grab one in the evenings and just sort of close my eyes for a second and pretend I'm on the beach in the Bahamas. Hah!

8. I have finally found the easiest way to carry two kids, my purse, diaper bags, church bags, mail, grocery bags, coats, etc to and from the car and her name is the 31 Large Utility Tote. I put everything inside and carry it to/from the car in one load. Thank the heavens! I love that it's flat on the bottom so I can sort of organize everything inside the tote and then just simply carry it to my car and sit it in the passenger seat and I'm set to go!

Hope your February was great!!


Rachael said...

How do you clean the makeup brush? Do you have to clean it after each use since it's liquid foundation and that would just keep building and building?

Brittany said...

I clean my makeup brushes (not daily but I'm the only one using them!) with baby shampoo :)


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