Monday, June 16, 2014


Well our little lives have just been marching on. I wish I could keep up better here! First of all, these two. They're both getting so big. I keep telling them to stop but they don't listen. ;-)

Let's see.. what else has been going on? We are moving in less than TWO weeks. Finally, to Kansas City to be near our families! Joe had a ceremony for the completion of his fellowship this weekend. It was so nice to spend an evening honoring him. I know how hard he's worked! He is going to be a GREAT anesthesiologist for his new hospital.
Speaking of, we finally had Emory's GI specialist appointment we had anxiously been awaiting since January. I had gone off dairy for almost five months and she still had bloody stools; we were really concerned there was something major going on. But we got good news - she has a condition called Lymphoid Hyperplasia which means she has little nodes of blood in her colon that sort of burst when things pass through. The good news is she will grow out of it and it's not painful to her! Oh! And mama can go back on dairy! :) Praise The Lord! Ha!
Emory was also dedicated at our church on Mother's Day. It was a really special moment. :) (Yes, we wore matching dresses. I know she will probably be so embarrassed of this in 18 years! Ha!)
Landon wrapped up his last day of MDO a few weeks ago. He has already been asking to go back to school. I know I'm not as fun as MDO - ha! What a great year he had with some wonderfully loving teachers!! Next year he will be in preschool so I'm "mourning" the end of this little period of his life. Tear. :) But we are also doing a lot of research and praying about how we want to proceed with him in school.. whether to start him in Kindergarten as a young 5 year old, or to homeschool?
We did have some bad news in April, which is sort of why I fell off the planet here for a bit. We found out that Joe's younger brother was diagnosed with stage four cancer. I won't talk about it much here, but we pray he can be healed!
Despite all of this, we went ahead and booked our "yearly" Disney trip for the first week of December. We're going to try staying on property this time, so I'm really excited!

So that about wraps up where we're at. I hope y'all are well!




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