Monday, September 6, 2010

Football Fans

Saturday Joe and I went to Oklahoma to watch the first football game of the season!!

We are proud OU alums and when I sing the fight song and hear the band playing at the beginning of a game I get chills and maybe even a little misty-eyed! Ha!

We had great seats at the front of the upper deck with the Student Section right below us. The whole game I kept thinking about how Joe and I would come to all the games when we were in college. We would have to get into the stadium three hours before kickoff to get a seat!

The score ended up being closer than we thought it would. Of course I was hoping for a shut out!! Ha!

Were you rooting for a college football team this weekend??

I am so glad Fall is coming and most especially college football season is here! :)


Real Housewife of the Midwest said...

Man, that game was not as nice and pretty as I hoped/thought it would be. We still had a blast! Just hoping to see a better team out there next weekend ::fingers crossed::

annoyed army wife said...

It looks like you had fun (and you two look super cute, too)!


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