Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life as a Resident's Wife

To finish up our Blog Hop, I'm going to talk about life as a resident's wife. I'll admit, we're only 1 year in (3 years to go), so I hope some of you more experienced wives link up so you can REALLY share what it's like being a resident's wife! Ha!

We ended up in Kansas for Joe's anesthesiology residency and we were so glad because we love the Midwest and all of our family and friends are within a three hour drive from us.

The first year of residency (intern year) was definitely difficult for us but I feel like we were really well prepared for what to expect. Plus, Joe's program is awesome. I think a big part of residency depends on the program you're in.

During intern year Joe had a different rotation every month. All of his hard rotations were scheduled on the front end so we literally dove in head first! Ha! In the beginning his pager would go off hourly throughout the night. I told everyone it was good practice for having a newborn someday. But honestly, all I wanted to do was flush that thing down the toilet. It was also an adjustment to go from a relaxed student's schedule to have Joe working long hours every day. But I got serious about having a good supper waiting for him when he got home and we made sure to schedule date nights at least once a week. It honestly wasn't that bad!

This year Joe is doing anesthesia almost 100% of the time. He loves his job and he says he's excited to go to work every morning even if it is at 5am. That makes no sense to me! Ha!

Even still, Joe spends a lot of time reading and studying. He is on call about 5 times a month, which means he has to spend the night at the hospital. On days where he's on call he gets the afternoon before his call off and the whole day after his shift off. We almost always go to lunch together for a little daytime date on his post call day! When he's on call there's always a chance he will get woken up and not get much sleep so he usually gets a good nap in the next day. Being an anesthesiologist, he hardly ever gets pages anymore when he's home. And on days when he's not on call he always gets home by 5:30pm. Like I said, he is in a really great program!

Link up to your personal blog and share your own residency stories or your plans for residency! :)

Happy Friday!!


annoyed army wife said...

Ha ha! I love the shirt! And I completely wanted to flush OccDoc's pager down the toilet, too. He doesn't wear one anymore, but I swear I still hear that thing in my sleep!

annoyed army wife said...

Who knows if OccDoc will do a second residency. I'ts kind of like 3rd/4th year of med school all over again - his picks keep changing. I think he might want to do a fellowship in osteopathic medicine or a second residency in Family Practice, but I'm not holding my breath for fear that I might pass out.

Melisa said...

Very true! The program makes a HUGE difference! Yay for home call!!!

Mrs. Carioca said...

That's wonderful that you guys are in such a great program!

MLD said...

That shirt cracks me up!! It's great that you like the program. It makes ALL the difference.

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Dangit, I keep missing these! Maybe one day I'll be on the ball enough to participate & link up on time. :) Anyway, amen to the program making a big difference - so true! And love the shirt - I got Patrick a pair of boxers that say that. And it says MD across the butt - sorry TMI! :)


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