Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kansas Tornadoes

Kansas weather is like the gift that keeps on giving (cheese of the month club, anyone?). But not nearly as fun. Last night we had a HUGE storm blow through with hail, wind and tornadoes. I never knew you could get tornadoes in the Fall, but YES you can.

The hail started just as Joe was getting home from work. First they started out quarter size...

Then they got to baseball sized and larger! (One lady on the news got a piece of hail 7 inches in diameter!!)

Boomer? Well, he was freaking out. And honestly, so was I!

When the storm moved off I was too hyper to fix dinner so we ordered Thai food. (Joe asked if we should have them deliver it but I thought that might be a little too much to ask since the storm was heading right for their store downtown!!)

It was quite the interesting evening around here!!


Katie said...

WHOA! Look at that hail! I remember getting caught in a hail storm in elementary school with my mom in the car and I prayed and prayed everything would be okay. I was so scared! We pulled over in a car repair shop and they let us in the garage.

Mel said...

Hi! You have a beautiful blog!

Tornadoes are my biggest fear! I would be freaking out too! People from other states always tell me they don't know how I can live in California with all the earthquakes. But I tell them I don't know how they can live with tornadoes! I guess it's all what you're used to. :)

Ams said...

I don't know how you live there!! I would be SO scared all the time... but then I am a big chicken.
Glad that you guys were all a-okay and that thai food looks SOOOOOOO good :)

Brittany Ann said...

WHOA! I'm glad y'all are OK!


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