Monday, January 9, 2012

6 Months

Whew! After a two week break from blogging I'm glad to be back!

In the meantime my little dude turned six months old. I cannot believe it! Someone told me during those rough first weeks of taking care of a newborn that the first six weeks of parenthood feels like it goes by in a year; but the rest of the year feels like it goes by in six weeks. They were right!!

Here's what we're up to at SIX months:
- Landon is sleeping in his crib at night and I'm still holding him for most of his naps during the day (I'm still trying to soak up every bit of baby-hood! :). We start his bedtime routine with a bath around 7:30pm and he wakes up between 6-7am with 1-3 wakings to eat at night.
- He is still being breastfed but we've added some solids to our "dinner". So far he has had banana which he hated, and pears, sweet potato, butternut squash, apple and avocado which he loved!
- He wears 6 month sized clothes, with some 9 month sleepers.
- We are still putting him in his infant car seat but he is getting so heavy we are going to switch to a convertible soon.
- He still sucks his thumb :)
- He loves to stand up along our ottoman and pull things off! Hah!
- He can sit up without help for several minutes at a time.
- He *finally* rolled over at 5.5 months. Now he rolls across the room in under a minute!
- He is getting more interested in Boomer and I think he's learning his name.
- He still has a very prominent dimple in his right cheek :))
- He definitely prefers Mama rock him to sleep over anyone else. But he laughs more for Daddy.
- Random ladies at the grocery store can look at him wrong and make him cry. It's kind of funny! :)
- His hair is so long it gets in his eyes. I know we need to give him a haircut soon but I'm so sad to admit it...
- He is wearing size 2 shoes.
- He has two bottom TEETH! They sprouted the day after New Years. I love the little flash of teeth when he laughs :)
- His favorite toy is a random Sassy brand fish and his Sophie the Giraffe.
- His eyes are very bright blue!
- He wears size 3 diapers, we still prefer Pampers.
- We are starting our first mommy and me class this week called Music Together!
- Instead of screaming in the carseat, he usually falls asleep now. This is such a relief.
- He doesn't like being in the stroller because he can't look around.
- He babbles and blows bubbles a lot!

We love our little man!


Victoria said...

Oh my goodness his hair!! My little girl will be 8 months on Thursday and I was just happy to get a bow in the other day!


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