Thursday, January 26, 2012

Music, Book and Sleep

I have not done a good job at all lately of keeping up with this blog and I hate it. I think it's mainly because Joe is doing OB anesthesia this month and next and the hours are LONG. Most nights he gets home just in time to help me put Landon to bed. I'm pretty much carrying all the load of "household things" so blogging has gone to the back burner.

Yesterday Landon and I had our music class. It cracks me up because he's the youngest child in our class {which is mixed ages} and he just sits so still and stares at all the other kids. I worry our teacher thinks he is totally sheltered! Hah!

I know I am so late to the game but I am about halfway through Hunger Games and if you haven't read it I would recommend it to you!! I have been staying up way too late after putting Landon to bed to read. I heard they're making a movie too!

Speaking of putting Landon to bed, we have officially relinquished the swaddle and it has been a rough transition. I think I'd like to take it back and maybe swaddle Landon until he's 18 because he woke up every 30 minutes the first night because he kept accidentally (?) rolling over and getting frustrated. I hope he starts to do better soon! He just loves being hugged, snuggled, swaddled and waggled (maybe not but it rhymed).

Happy Thursday!

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