Thursday, June 21, 2012


I have been so busy lately with LIFE. I get out of the house every single day and we've been spending a lot of time with friends, having play dates, and just running around. And next week we are re-locating to Kansas City for two months for Joe to work at a specific hospital for a rotation. I am so excited! We have set up someone to watch our house and mow the yard and I've been planning all kinds of fun things to do in KC! The last weekend of the month is Landon's first birthday. I have been getting major help with all the details from my friends Sarah, Audrey and Trish. I am so excited! I enrolled Landon in mom-and-me swimming lessons in KC. I am so nervous. I took him to the pool and he freaked out and wouldn't even let me dip is toe in the water. Speaking of pools, my friend Ashlee made me these adorable monogrammed beach towels. and I love, love, love them! I nearly died when she showed them to me. She even sewed a little ribbon on the side so you can hang them up to dry. Please tell me she should open an Etsy shop!?

Happy Friday!


Kristi said...

Those towels are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brittany, I am so glad I found your blog! I am a wife of a 3rd year medical student and love reading your blog about your guys' journey. My family lived in Kansas City for most of my childhood; you will love it. The people are very welcoming!!

Katie McLaren said...

She definitely needs to start an Etsy shop, SO CUTE!

Henry Jha said...

Thanks for nice post

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