Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dining Room Tour

I thought it would be fun to share a little tour of my dining room because I recently got a new church pew to put at my table and I'm loving it! I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea but I love old furniture and have wanted a church pew for years but could never find one that fit in the budget. And I'll just go ahead and show you around too!

Welcome to my dining room! It's actually kind of like an eat-in kitchen because it's attached by a bar. We try to sit at the table and eat as a family every night because that's a tradition I think is important for families. You can see my church pew in the big window! I found it at a garage sale about a mile from my house for less than $100! The owner said it was from a small town in Kansas and the church board decided to buy new pews with cushions. This was the last and only pew that wasn't sold at auction. Now tell me that's not fate?! I "shopped" my house for some pillows to put on it.
I love how the sides of it are carved. I just wonder how many hundreds of people have sat here??
I have a china hutch I bought when we were still in Oklahoma. I almost painted it but I'm glad I didn't. I keep all my glass vases and dishes on the top. I have a bit of an obsession with old dishes. I am giddy when I can find vintage dishes at garage sales or estate sales. I have a full set from my grandma with historic images on it I keep in a drawer.
And I also have some Barnyard Toile (not vintage but I love it too) that I've been collecting for a while.
And my favorite are these vintage ivy dishes that are super hard to find but they were used on the set of I Love Lucy. It's my favorite show and it is so fun to collect these when I find them here and there! I am going to try to get the entire set before I die! Hah!
This table I found at a flea market for $100 - it's solid wood and had six chairs. It was so nasty but I knew it had lots of potential and I liked the shape of the chairs. Some of my friends call it the Pottery Barn table which cracks me up. It was in a pile of junk when I bought it!
The light fixture was something we got to pick out when we bought the house because it was only partially started. It's from Home Depot.
This rug was one of the first things I bought for our new house and it was a pretty big investment item. It's from Dash & Albert and I still love it.
We have a fireplace on the other end of the room and I love having a fire when we eat dinner in the winter. I usually change my mantle a lot but I've had this up for a couple months. The wreath is from cupcake liners!
My favorite thing about the dining room is the view. It's what sold us on the house! We can look out the windows and not see lots of houses and cars and people - it's got a country feel which we LOVE.

Thanks for touring with me! :)


Trisha Nordstrom said...

The table DOES look like it's from Pottery Barn!!!! It is gorgeous.

Tammy Partin Spangler said...

Hi Brittany! I love church pews in the home! and your Barnyard Toile! Thanks for sharing! ~ Tammy

Rachael said...

I'm so envy of your ability to find odds and ends and create a room that is cohesive. I would not have though the church pew would work if you had told me, but it's so you and works so well in your dinning room!

Katie McLaren said...

I love your dining room, and I love that you posted this tour!!! That church pew is awesome too!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

I LOVE the details of your dining room!! That pew? SO cool. You have the best taste. Hope Landon's party went well...dying to hear about it!! :)

Natasha said...

That church pew is awesome. Now I want one too!

And I agree, I also think it's important for families to eat dinner together, sitting down.

Earnestine Kettering said...

Your house looks absolutely amazing! Your love for vintage items seems to pay off because it made your house look classy. Your church pew is also incredible. I love the intricate details that it has on its arched side. I guess this is proof of the passion that the craftsman had poured into it.

Earnestine Kettering


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