Monday, July 23, 2012

Landon's First Birthday {Sherlock Holmes Birthday Party}

I am so late in telling you about Landon's first birthday! If you know me in real life at all you know I had been planning his party for months ~ I love party planning and celebrating my little man! I wanted to pick a theme that wasn't too popular so I could really be creative with it. Joe and I both love London - we love the food, the people, the layout of the city, the double decker buses, royalty.. you name it! So I decided to play off that and go for a vintage Sherlock Holmes type party.

We had my friend Sarah {who is seriously a genius} design box invitations for us. She designed the invitation so that the details of the party were in a small font and we mailed a magnifying glass in the box for people to read the invitations with. We got so many compliments on the invitations! I am so sad to say that I didn't get our photographer to get a picture of the invitation all assembled but here is the design. I seriously loved it!
My sister helped us rent a clubhouse in Kansas City for the party. We are here for the summer and our families are here so it was perfect. Plus, I didn't have to get my house all clean for lots of guests. That was a big advantage to renting a room! Sarah also designed banners, bottle labels and signs for the party. Everything was in old fashioned plaids and red and white houndstooth prints.
We catered fish and chips from a local pub and my friend Trish helped us get food baskets to put it in. It was really authentic to London and I loved that. We found newspaper liners for the chips from World Market. I really wanted to serve old fashioned Coke out of the glass bottles so we found some at Wal-Mart of all places! I ordered mustache straws from Etsy. They were a huge HIT the entire party!!
 Landon's cake was done by Sprinkled with Sugar of Kansas City. It looked good and tasted even better. I was so impressed that it even had fingerprints all around the sides and bottom. She nailed the theme perfectly! I ordered his first birthday bib from Etsy too. I am going to keep it in his memory box. :)
 I made little goodie bags for the kids with a notepad for "detective" notes and a crayon shaped mustache I ordered from Etsy. I thought they turned out so cute!
 My friend Audrey came and took professional pictures during the party for us. That was the BEST decision because I could really be "in the moment" and I didn't have to worry about keeping my camera with me to document everything. She takes better pictures than I could ever do and she captured so many moments that I didn't even see on the day of the party!
We had such a fun party! The best part was having everyone we love in the same room at the same time to help us celebrate our little guy.

Happy Birthday Landon!!!!


Trisha Nordstrom said...

Since I know you in "real life" I do know how much planning you put into this party and it looks AMAZING! Thank you for putting pics up-I've been dying to see them. So sad I had to miss it, but it looks like everything turned out fabulous. We miss you!

Oh So Lovely said...

it was a great party!! thanks for asking me to photograph it :)

Katie McLaren said...

It all looks AWESOME!!! You are so creative, the theme turned out so darling. That cake is magnificent!!!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Oh my goodness, everything was adorable!! I still am so in love with that theme, and you did a fabulous job executing it!! And that cake?! Amazing! Landon is such a doll and all of the family pictures are beautiful. Cannot believe he's already one!
PS - thanks for the sweet words - you are too kind!! Loved working with you!! :)

Kelly Jo said...

This is AMAZING!!! Sasha was telling us about this tonight and she said you have to go look at the pictures!!!

What a fun theme! And all the details! Seriously - too cool!!!

Heather said...

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