Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of MDO

Last Friday was a BIG day around here. Landon had his very first day of Mother's Day Out {or Tot's Day In as they call it here :)} I was an emotional wreck the entire morning and drive over. Hah!

I absolutely knew with my entire mama heart that he would scream and cry when I had to hand him over to the teacher. And if I made it out of the building I knew they would call me an hour later to come get him because he was so upset. I went through all these scenarios with the teacher and asked her how they'd handle him if he was too upset to participate. I was ready. I didn't even make any plans for my time off!


He went right to his teacher, Lisa. She is so sweet! He even watched me walk out of his classroom door. Watched me walk out! And I waited around the corner a while to listen for a scream. But there was none. And I didn't get a call either. Four hours and no call. It was so glorious!! Why didn't I do this sooner??

I hope I'm not the only one who experiences this kind of anxiety when they send their kids to "school"!! I loved having a few hours to get some things done and by all accounts Landon loved playing with the other kids for a while! :)

Happy school days!


Rachael said...

That's awesome that he handled it so well. That is AMAZING given how he hates having you out of his sights. Congrats! :)


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