Friday, October 4, 2013


I realize that this post will not be interesting to anyone but me but I want to document some of the quirky and fun things Landon is doing these days at 2 years old. I feel like I've totally dropped off the bandwagon of doing updates on my little sidekick so here's to me getting started again! :)

Things He Says:
-If you ask Landon where Daddy works he says "hop-i-down" for "hospital". I pray he never actually says it correctly because it is so cute. I remind Joe to pronounce it "the Landon way" so he keeps saying it like that. Hah! :)
-He calls us Mama and Daddy about 50% of the time and "Babe" the rest. That's pretty much all Joe and I call each other so it makes sense that he picked that up. There are times from another room I will hear him yell "Babe..!!" calling for me.
-He can count to 10 easily but then starts counting by 2's after that. I have no idea where he picked this up, but it goes like this: "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, twelve, fourteen, sixteen" and so on!
-His little manners are really starting to come out (and it's something we really work on). His little "sorry" is adorable. He will often trip and say "Oop, sorry!" to himself - hah! Or if I accidentally bump him or scratch him he will say "Sorry! Ok, Mama!".
-He always uses the term "tweet, tweet" for "bird". If you ask him to say the word Bird, he will respond "tweet, tweet".

-Favorites: oatmeal, fruit of all kind, peanut and butter sandwiches (called "butter jelly"), cheese, yogurt "wu-gurt".
-We don't give him juice but they serve it in the nursery at church so he always tells us "yellow juice!" when we pick him up.
-He thinks granola bars are candy bars and fig newtons are cookies. We are sneaky! ;-)
-He drinks 2% "nok" milk.

-He still carries around and is generally obsessed with his lovey, "Blue".
-He is very ticklish!!! Quite possibly the most ticklish person I've ever met! :)
-He loves to "help" by carrying the keys and unlocking the car door, carrying groceries, helping me off the couch (ha ha!), cooking, carrying the mail inside, etc. I love letting him help!
-He's becoming more interested in t.v. so we let him pick a PBS show or two to watch every day. He almost always picks Bob the Builder. Which I kind of like because Bob actually does a lot of cool DIY projects! :)
-He loves doing crafts so we usually do one each day.

I love my little man. I can't imagine living without such an adorable, sweet and funny sidekick with me. :)


Ashlee said...

My cousin is 10 and she still calls cupcakes pupcakes she knows what they are really called I think she does it just to see her mom smile! So there is hope for a teenage Landon that says hop-i-down :)


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