Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Wrap Up!

I am so disappointed I haven't blogged for the entire month of September but let me tell you - I had a FUN whirlwind month! In one month I was in five states, which for someone who usually only ventures out of the house to go to the kid's museum or Wal-Mart, that is a big deal! :)

{Do you have a comfy seat? Nice cold drink? Because this post is long! :)}

Since Joe is on the heart team and busybusybusy right now I decided I would try to drive the 7 hours north to visit my parents for a few weeks at the beginning of the month. I was so nervous about the drive. I told Joe he may have to send a helicopter to come get us along Highway 65 because Landon wasn't cooperating. But (as it usually works in parenting - it's the things you stress over that turn out to be no-big-deal and the stuff you don't see coming that rock your world!) he did great! We stopped halfway in Branson at Silver Dollar City for a few hours and the drive was super easy after I had thoroughly worn him out ;-). And the homemade kettle corn didn't hurt anything.

We finally made it to my parent's house! The next morning we got up and went to a 5th birthday party - it was for the daughter of my best friend from high school. She had it at a gymnastics/tumbling studio and the kids had such a fun time playing. This picture just melts my heart - Landon loves to watch the older kids and do what they're doing.
We got to spend a lot of time with my sister and her kids while we visited. These cousins love each other so much - and again Landon loves having older kids to play with!!
One night my sister and I went to one of those BYOB painting classes in Kansas City. I am NO artist (my sister is the artsy fartsy one in our family!!!) but it was fun to relax and do something just the two of us. My mom hung my painting in one of her hallways although I wouldn't blame her a bit if she took it down once I left! Hah!
I also had a chance to order the glider for the new nursery. I am very particular about gliders and rocking chairs in general because I know I'll be spending a lot of time there nursing. I got the same style I have in Landon's room from the same furniture store we ordered his from, but in a pretty dark turquoise fabric (middle of picture).
We also just spent a lot of time doing farm things.. Landon is in heaven riding tractors with Papa, working in the garden (picture below), feeding the cows and running wild! I want him to grow up doing those things and have that slow-paced upbringing I did. :)
Speaking of farm, one day we went and spent the day and night with Joe's parents. We got to go to Deanna Rose Farmstead - if you are ever in Kansas City it is so neat and f-r-e-e. My favorite thing was bottle feeding the baby goats. Squeal!!!
One day I drove around to look at a few lots of land that are for sale around the city. Our ultimate goal is to buy some land within 30 minutes of the hospital Joe has taken a job at, and live the "country" life near the city. I hope it pans out but we will probably rent to begin with once we move in June.
After nearly two weeks we headed on back to Arkansas, but I decided to take the "scenic" route and go through Kansas and visit Wichita for a couple days on my way home. We stayed with our friends Becca and Nate, and Landon's best friend, Jackson. It was like a 24/7 playdate!
We were so excited to finally go home and see Daddy! We came home through Oklahoma and Landon did great in the car! He is a road trip pro: we had done four states in a little over two weeks, just the two of us!!
 The day after we came home I had my OB appointment! Bumpity bump bump! :)
Then, that afternoon I went to the airport and headed for Chicago! I didn't even unpack my road trip suitcase first! Hah! I met my two best friends from residency, Katie and Trish, there and we had three glorious days in the Windy City!!
One of the most fun things we did besides stay up late and talk and laugh for hours was visit the restaurant RPM - the one owned by Guiliana and Bill Rancic! It was so neat!! I had the best spaghetti and meatballs of my life and also there was a chocolate ball dessert involved that was filled with gelato. I dream of it every single night.
Joe and Landon had "boy time" for three days which was such a treat for Joe because he had the time off from work and he had just gone two weeks without his sidekick. I don't think he enjoyed it one bit ;-) ;-) based on the pictures he sent me.

What a fun month we had! Now that we're all caught up I am going to make a bold goal for October. Daily weekday blogging!! Maybe I will finally get around to showing you our Arkansas house and fall decorations! Maybe I will post some more about pregnancy and how the nursery is coming along? And I have some other ideas floating around in my head too. I hope you'll come back and join me! :)


Former Fat Bride said...

Sounds great!! Looking forward to seein your nursery update! Love your style.

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Sounds like SO much fun!! And CONGRATS on the sweet girl - I missed that announcement when I fell behind reading blogs! SO excited for you guys...you will love having one of each. So glad you're going to be blogging more!! :)


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