Thursday, January 20, 2011


So here are a few things that have been going on lately...

Our nursery currently looks like a paint store threw up on it. We can't decide on a nice gender neutral color to paint on the walls. Right now we're thinking a dark ocean-y (I made that word up) blue that we can use later with a soft ballerina pink or with a lime green depending on the gender since we're not finding out ahead of time. I think maybe we'll figure out a nice color about the time he/she goes off to college.. Ha!

I'm supposed to be sleeping mostly on my left side but my body didn't get the memo because I wake up a million times in the middle of the night on my stomach or on my back. I decided to get one of those snoogle-snuggle-woogle-whatever-they're-called pillows made specifically for pregnant women. And I HATE it!! However, I keep finding Boomer stretched out beside it so all is was not lost!! ;-)

I also had to show you my most favorite sonogram picture Joe caught a couple weeks ago. I've had one sonogram since then but we haven't gotten quite as cute of a picture as this one. I pretend he/she is showing off by wiggling his/her toes every time I look at it! :)

Happy Thursday!!!


Ams said...

Soooooo sweet!
I would be the worst for designing a nursery (picking colors, bedding etc...) when I had my kids we just didn't have the funds for that business so it made those decisions fairly easy.
And that picture is SO SO SO cute!!! Can you even believe that you are growing a little person in there?!

MJ said...

I do love Boomer's new comfy bed! But left side only? Really? The things to love forward to! I do like the oceany blue. Not to give you any other ideas, but what about maybe a medium gray, something with a little bit of warmth to it still? You could do accents for either gender. Just a thought ;) Love the sonogram. Wiggle those toes, baby!

Jacki, Jimmy and Emme said...

SO adorable! I wish I had your will power to not find out! I am glad I did though because I was convinced it was a totally wrong! Looking forward to seeing what you decide on!


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