Monday, May 9, 2011

Medical Fashion

It's the newest accessory coming out of Paris! It arrives in a subtle gray and black so it coordinates with any outfit! 

Y'all, my doctor is making me wear a heart rate monitor for a month and I'm trying to make myself feel better about it! Haha!

(inappropriate picture of my chest ahead - warning - but I do want to document this for myself so I can look back and remember at all the silliness).

It beeps obnoxiously and it's wires bulge underneath my clothes. I'm terrified it's going to beep during some inopportune time. Like church. During a prayer. haha!

So that's what happened at the cardiologist's office last week. But my EKG was perfect - yay! The heart rate monitor is just an added precaution. So I'm okay with that!

Are you like me and hate being sick, going to the doctor, or the thought of being a patient in a hospital? I have only been in the hospital one time - when I broke my hip waterskiing.
 This is not at the hospital (obviously), but afterward when I was on bed rest at my Mom's house :)

I know that wearing a heart rate monitor is really no big deal. I've read blogs of pregnant women who are on bed rest for months, or in the hospital for long periods of time because of complications. I know it could be so much worse so I really am thankful for that!

Have you been in the hospital? Have you ever had to wear a heart rate monitor or any other *fashionable* piece of medical equipment? ;-)



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