Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yesterday Boomer and I ran errands together. I might as well mention we had to mail our Mother's Day cards. Just a few days late this year. :( I love taking him with me when I have to run around town because he *loves* it so much. And he gets himself so excited that he usually sleeps the rest of the day. Which really isn't that different than a normal day. But I love when I come back out to the car after running an errand and he's all hi mom! ohmygosh yay you're here this is so fun yay yay yay!

 No one else is going to care about this but my local grocery store sells Spicy Chicken sandwiches that are VERY similar to the ones at Wendy's. I'm obsessed with them but Wendy's is at least four miles from my house and I'm usually too lazy to drive over and get one. The grocery store is a mile away and they're only $1.99. It really is the small things in life!! haha!
 Yesterday Joe brought home an Edible Arrangement for me for Mother's Day. We are late on Mother's Day all around this year. He had to work on the actual Mother's Day and didn't "have time to pick anything up". Haha! I took pictures while he went in the bedroom to sign the card. Who says the romance is dead?!
The chocolate covered apples are actually my favorite part. And also, I've been obsessed with Edible Arrangements since they started putting their commercials on TV. I have mentioned to Joe approximately 379 times that I want an Edible Arrangement!!! LOL In all actuality I think you could easily make one yourself. All the skewers were stuck into a head of lettuce which was in the flower pot.
Joe walked Boomer late last night and picked up the mail (please tell me we're not the only people in America who forget to check their mail on a regular basis?) and he came back in with a package for me. My friend Rachael who lives in Oklahoma sent me a box.
It says "Mommy Brittany" - could you not just cry over how sweet that is? I did. :) And a very sweet card about how excited she is to see me as a Mom and lots of other nice things!
And one of my favorite all times candles - Tulips from Yankee Candle. Tulips are my fav fav fav flower :)

Hope you had a good Monday!



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