Thursday, August 4, 2011


I've been getting a little stir crazy so yesterday I decided to pack up (and don't you pack up when you have a baby - I had no idea before I had a little one!) and go to TJMaxx and Babies 'R Us. Joe says Babies 'R Us is my "safe zone". It's the easiest store for me to visit because I feel like the other mothers there won't give me the stink eye if my baby starts crying and they also have an awesome Mother's Room with comfy chairs and nice lighting. I could take a serious nap in the Mother's Room. Well. Landon did awesome. Slept the entire time. In and out of the car, into the cart and all around both stores. I timed it so he ate right before and we pulled into the driveway at home as he started to get fussy for his next meal. I was a pro at this!

And then he made a little liar out of me.

Because today I got brave again. It was so easy yesterday, I said to myself! I needed to go to Target for some groceries, a birthday card and a few other things. I wasn't even down the first aisle when he started to wail. Pacifier? NO. Ssshhhing? NO. Rolling the cart back and forth? NO. I finally resorted to pulling off in the pet section (which luckily isn't busy at 2pm) and pulling him totally out of his carseat and carrying him around with one hand while pushing the cart with the other hand. Did not know that was possible. But I feel like I made it through some kind of mama rite of passage.

I think tomorrow I'll just stick around the house though. ;-)

And a bonus pic of our first big boy bath. We had been using the little tub the hospital gave us but we decided to break out the big whirlpool fancy schmancy baby tub. For the record, he didn't like bath time any better. Hah!

Happy Thursday!!!


Rach said...

Is that the frog towel I got him? :) LOVE it!

Cute pics!


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