Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We've Had Help

July was a crazy insane month for us. When Joe got back from paternity leave he had to work even harder the rest of the month to make up. That means he had nine calls in a little over two weeks. When he is on call he goes to work like a normal day (around 5am) and works until noon. Then they give him four hours off to take a "nap" or rest because he has to be back at the hospital that afternoon from 4pm and work until the following morning at 6am. A lot of those nights he doesn't sleep at all because he has to be in surgery for any trauma or incident that happens in the hospital. Unfortunately, there always seems to be crazy people who want to cut each other with box cutters or shoot each other so they keep the hospital pretty busy. All this to say, I've already done nine nights totally by myself. Trial by fire!! Hah! But I have had A LOT of help this month.

Joe worked the last two weekends solid so our parents divided up the time and came to stay with me to keep me company and give me some help. When my parents come to visit I always have to have a list of "honey-dos" for my stepdad to work on. He can't just sit in the house and talk about babies. So he did everything from knocking down birds nests on our porch to cleaning our windows. Then, Joe's parents came last weekend and cleaned our entire garage (what a JOB that was) and bought us a deep freeze and stocked it with meals. My friend Rachael had already given us a bunch of freezer meals while I was pregnant and we were plowing through those pretty fast!

My mom also hired a sweet lady to come clean my house once a week for the next couple months so I don't get overwhelmed. (She knows I'm OCD and a clean house is really my love language! Hah!)

This month has been really hard without Joe's help. We don't have any family in town and most of our friends here have small children themselves so I hate to ask for their help. I'm so glad our parents are able and willing (haha!) to come down and work all weekend to help. How do military wives do it without help!?! I have so much respect for them and single mamas now!!!!

What kind of help did you have when you had your babies?


Aly said...

I have been lurking for awhile but just decided to start blogging again so now I will actually comment :)

Congratulations on your sweet baby boy! I had my first baby, also a boy in March. It goes by so quickly!!! My husband is also a physician, although we are a bit behind...he is in his second year of residency :)

You are so lucky and blessed to have such wonderful help! I had basically no help with my husband pretty much living at the hospital as a resident, all of my family and friends live 3000 miles away. It's tough, but we can do it! Mama's are amazing :)


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