Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random Thoughts

I don't really have the energy to put all my thoughts into an organized fashion so here is my brain dump! Hah!
I know it's very early but I have been anticipating fall for a while now and I'm so excited to finally have a child to dress up for Halloween. I've been doing a little "research", trying to pick a costume for Landon.

He's definitely got the hair to pull off Elvis.
Just like daddy?
I think this little golfer is SO cute!

What are you dressing your kiddos up for Halloween? I remember one year my mom had me wear a box with dots drawn on the sides so I could be a playing dice. Haha!

I am very disappointed because I just found out Borders is going out of business. I know I must have been living under a rock because Joe said he had known for a while (?) I went last Friday to get a bunch of books for Landon at 30-50% off but I didn't stop there. I saw signs that they were selling the fixtures in the store and I actually managed to buy one of these bookshelves. It's lighted and I love the display area at the top. I think I'll paint it to go in his room. Score!!
I have not been good at all about taking pictures of Landon with my nice camera. Most of the time I manage to snap a picture or two on my phone to send to my mom and Joe each day but I want to get better about getting nice shots! When I got my SLR I totally thought I could dress up my baby and have a little photo shoot every day. Now I think that's pretty hilarious!! LOL LOL
I really don't want to forget how tiny he is and all of his little features. He's growing so fast!
Can you spot the tired mama? Look at the natural makeup she's featuring. Oh wait. She doesn't have makeup on. Or clean hair. Ha!

Did you know mohawks are naturally occurring in nature?  No products were used in the making of this mohawk. Landon's hair honestly grows like this!! We think it's adorable :)

Happy Tuesday!
(I'm going to get back into daily blogging if it kills me!!)


Michelle said...

I don't know how I found your blog, but I love it. :) Landon is adorable!! :) You should look into Tom Arma costumes,they are adorable for babies, and will keep him nice and toasty if you venture out of your house! :)

Mrs.Olson said...

Loving the hair ! You rock girl ! How bout a OU football player outfit ??


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