Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Basket Ideas

Can you believe Easter is almost here? Winter just went right past us this year because we never really had any snow or ice. And now it's Spring! The grass in our yard is green and if we hadn't killed all our trees I bet they'd be blooming. Hah!

I've been trying to brainstorm ideas for Landon's Easter basket because he's too young for candy. Joe and I make a little Easter basket for each other and we also agreed to "no-candy" this year. :) I usually put together a basket for my niece and nephew too. So here are some ideas I came up with for basket fillers!

I bought this adorable easter basket off of Etsy (seller here). I know I could probably have made it myself (especially if I had a Cricut!) but I figured he'd use it every year and honestly I haven't had much crafting time lately ;-)

Here are some ideas I brainstormed for kid's baskets:
  • Dolls/stuffed animals. I bought Landon an Ugly Doll but I also have seen really cute stuffed bunnies and chicks - even at my grocery store!
  • Tomy Hide 'n Squeak eggs. I had two separate people tell me about these eggs and just raved about them. The reviews on Amazon were really good and people said their kids played with them for several years!  

  • Egg Shakers. We use these in music class and they fit easily in little hands (and mouths!) and honestly, they aren't annoying like some other musical instrument toys (I'm looking at you, drum!). ;-)

  • Books about Easter and springtime. I got Landon Runaway Bunny, The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story and Bunny my Honey (LOVE this adorable book!).

  • A first Bible. I'm trying to find somewhere to get one embossed!?

  • Bibs, plates, utensils and sippy cups. Can you ever have enough? I got Landon this adorable bib from Zulily I'm going to put in his basket. :)

  • Playdough, modeling clay - some of them come in egg-shaped containers!

  • Stickers

  • Rash guards, swim gear.

  • Sunglasses and hats.

  • Washcloths and hooded towels for bath time.

  • Sensory balls. We got some of these for Christmas and I'm not kidding, we have played with them every single day. They are a big hit!
  • Hair bows and headbands.

What else are you putting in your baskets? Or hoping for in yours?? :)


Rachael said...

Do you have a Mardel? I got my photo books and journals for Europe embosses there with the dates and location. They turned out really well!


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