Thursday, March 29, 2012


I am a big believer in kids playing outside! It might surprise people, but my "dream house" is not in some fancy schmancy gated community, but on open land with lots of trees and places to run! Maybe even a creek and a tree-lined driveway! And a porch with a porch swing! Doesn't that sound perfect??

Landon loves to be outside. It cracks me up how he inspects each blade of grass when I sit him down. He sits so still and just rakes his fingers through it.
Some days I think he gets fussy because he gets sick of staring at the same toys/mama/walls all day.
So I throw him in the stroller and we go to the park or to the zoo. I have to admit, it puts me in a better mood too. Or sometimes we just walk down to the mailbox. We have a push buggy that he loves more than life itself.
Yesterday I weeded some of our flower bed while he rolled around in the grass. I think I have the cutest gardening assistant! Ha!

Happy Thursday!


Kelly Jo said...

Okay, how cool is this? I have already been following your blog since we moved to Wichita! I clicked the link through Pinterest and you were already on my blogroll! Craziness! Now I feel like I've known you forever! :o)

PS - Can he get any cuter? I don't think so!

Rachael said...

LOVE the "I (heart) Mom" picture! These are all looking good, shutterbug! :)

Katie said...

Wow, Brittany his handwriting is SO advanced for his age ;) But really, he is the cutest ever!


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