Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

We had such a fun Easter weekend! Joe worked all day Friday so we went straight up to Kansas City that night.

We went to church Saturday night with Joe's family and Sunday morning with my side. My mom and I decided a few weeks ago to try to all coordinate by wearing gray. I got Landon this cute little neck tie. It just kills me! :)
 me and my mom

I didn't think Landon would be able to do much egg hunting but he managed to put just about every single egg in his mouth. And a funny story... we were sitting in church and to keep him quiet/entertained I let him hold a little Reeces egg. He held it for a good ten minutes just turning it over in his hands, dropping it and watching me pick it up, etc. I looked up at the preacher for one second and I heard my grandma say "oh no!!!" and I looked back down and he had chocolate and peanut butter all over himself. I guess the heat of his little hand made it mushy and he just squeezed the good stuff right out. Luckily he didn't get any in his mouth but I leaned over to Joe and made a comment about him going into some kind of peanut allergy episode right here in the middle of church. Oh my word. I was never so glad to have a package of wet wipes in my diaper bag! Ha!

Hope you had a great Easter!



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