Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nine Months

I have done a horrible job of tracking Landon's monthly updates here. My only saving grace is that I have actually kept up with his baby book (a true miracle)! We took these nine month pictures a little late. Okay, two weeks late. So they're more like 9.5 month pictures but we will just roll with it! :) I am so glad our friend Katie is doing professional family pictures next week because I am awful about taking pictures with my SLR. I hate to admit it, but I imagine his poor baby scrapbook would be filled with iPhone pics if it weren't for her.

Landon is such a total joy! I love this age! I might say that every month but this truly IS my favorite age so far!
Landon is a total lover baby. He would love it if we just sat in the rocking chair all day long and cuddled. He gives kisses and leans in and just gives lots of sweet love. It's so cute now but I worry about him being so affectionate in sixteen years! Hah!
He has four teeth - two on top and two on bottom. He is constantly teething but prefers his own hands over any teething toy. He loves to bite food and chew and eat. Oh, he loves food. I think he would marry yogurt if he could.
He is crawling and pulling up on everything. He loves to crawl after Boomer, Boomer's bone (see a theme here? Oy.) and electrical cords. He keeps me on my toes for sure!
We still do a music class every Wednesday morning and I have enrolled him in Mom-Tot swim lessons this summer. I am so excited. I already picked out the cutest little swim trunks for him.
Best of all, he is such a great little sidekick in my life. We go and do everything together. I hate driving without him in the car because it's so lonely. I admit I still play our baby music CD even then because it's soothing to have it playing since it's all I've listened to in months. :)

What an incredible nine months!!!


Leah said...

He is adorable!

Jacki, Jimmy and Emme said...

So cute :) He is such a handsome little guy!

Kelly Jo said...

His nuzzles are ahhhhmazing. I seriously think that they could solve any problem in the world.

Can't wait to see your family photos!!!


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