Tuesday, April 17, 2012


1. I don't know if you heard, but we had some major tornado-producing storms here last weekend. My best friend from college is a meteorologist (ain't it nice to know people?) and she warned me it was going to be "devastating". So I did what any sane, rational and calm person would do. I ran away to my mom's house in Missouri. Ha! Joe stayed behind because he had to work but he texted me this picture of his "storm bunker" downstairs. Note the abundance of snacks.

2. Here is our most recent Craft Club project! A wreath made from cupcake liners! I put mine on my mantle with my $4 antique mall bunny. Bunnies are acceptable all through spring, right? It didn't feel right to put him away after Easter. He needs a ribbon around his neck, though.
3. I scored this shirt for Landon on sale for our family pictures. I think it will work nicely with my "kmart dress".
4. I'm hosting the first book club get together for a resident spouses club here in town. We are going to read Divergent. Have you read it?

Happy Tuesday!


Mrs.Olson said...

Glad you were safe. My family is in Wichita but all are safe from the tornado there.

Kelly Jo said...

That wreath is lookin' mighty fancy!!! I've got mine on my mantle too. :o)

Sooo psyched to read Divergent. Have you started it yet?


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