Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Clothes Deals

I have been on the hunt for a cute maxi dress for our family pictures in a couple of weeks. I saw this dress on (pregnant!) Kristen Cavallari and loved it. As it turns out this dress is from K-Mart! I am not even kidding! My store had a bunch of them and it fit great and the colors are so vibrant in person! Only $20!!!

I also found this cute blue shirt there and have gotten several compliments on it. It's fun to watch people's faces when I tell them where it's from. Hah!
I wanted to get Joe some new shorts for this summer. He usually gets Old Navy shorts because they're cheap and by the end of the summer they have grass stains/grease/etc on them :). I found some Paper Denim & Cloth cargo shorts at Burlington Coat Factory of all places. They still had the $58 tag on them, but they were only asking $15. They fit great on him!
This is my new favorite t-shirt for Landon. Of course it's British - hah! It was only $9 shipped from here. I love love love it! :)

Have you found any good deals on clothes lately??


Meg Massey said...

Love the dress!

Katie said...

Oh my I want that dress!!!!! Nice work, you are a shopping wizard!


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