Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome to "Lost Wages"

Joe and I made it through Easter weekend in KC. It was great but we were so excited to head to Vegas & California we could barely stand it.

Before we left we hit up the Yankees vs. Royals baseball game (my surprise from the Easter Bunny ;-) I got to see my "first husband" Derek Jeter. By the way, Derek. If you're reading this you still haven't responded to my letters... (kidding) I, of course, went in support of the Yankees and Joe for the Royals. I had to dodge hecklers in the stadium. (The Yankees won)

This morning we left early for Vegas. Non eventful flight. When we landed I decided on a whim that we should rent a convertible. We rolled that top down and rode through the strip of Vegas!!

Have you heard of this place called Serendipity? It's only in New York City and they have frozen hot chocolate that's *famous*. I remember Oprah doing a show on it a few years ago and since then I always remind Joe that he has to take me to NYC so I can get me some of that frozen hot chocolate. Wellll.. they just opened a location in Vegas! Last week! And let me tell you... that frozen hot chocolate was worth the entire trip out here. I salivate here just thinking about it.

We also went shopping and did some gambling. It's called "Lost Wages" for a reason ;-)

*Update on the house* We made an offer and found out there was another offer that came in before ours. (bummer) So, we waited all weekend to hear what the builder would decide to do. They decided to make one counter-offer to the other buyers. If the other buyers can't move on that counter, they'll approach us about our offer. We're not very hopeful at this point but luckily we have some back up options we can make offers on.


ShawnaLee said...

How cool!!! :-)


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