Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home?

Joe and I made another run through Wichita today. As it stood both our #1 and #2 homes have been sold out from underneath us. We really needed to get on the ball!! We looked through five. And the last one, ohhh the last one was FAB. Totally. In. Love. Here's some pics. We made an offer! And we met the builder. Let's hope this works out!

Keep in mind it's still "under construction". Gotta use your imagination a bit...

As you walk in the front door you see the living room with the 2-way fireplace. Ya'll know I love those big windows!
Then, pass through to the left of the living room into the dining room and kitchen.
Through the dining room you have the master.
Awesome back porch. I can't wait to order a porch swing!

To the right of the living room you have the guest rooms.
Finished basement with 4th bedroom, extra bath and family room.

Hopefully we can make this crib ours :)


ShawnaLee said...

Looks like a SUPER nice place. My fingers are crossed! ;-) Be sure to update me on ANY news!!!
Love ya!

twinklingnitestr said...

Love it! You're right...much better than the previous house. :)


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