Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Viva Las Vegas! Joe and I started the day at M&M World on the strip.
My favorite thing was the wall of all kinds of crazy M&M colors. We loaded up on some teal (my fav color). Then Joe had to rock the Crimson + Cream for Oklahoma.

Did you know they have a live lion inside the MGM? Yikes. I wonder if anyone has been tempted to literally feed themselves to the lions when they've lost a bad hand at blackjack.
Although it was cloudy we decided to drive out to see the Hoover Dam. What a cool drive! You really get to see some of the mountains and vegetation when you leave downtown.
They're building a new bridge...

Then we drove back, ate dinner, gambled and saw a David Copperfield show. Can you believe that dude made a motorcycle appear on stage? Then a vintage car. Out of nowhere! Then he made 13 people from our audience disappear. I still can't find Joe. (kidding)

We are loving it here!

*House update* We lost it. They chose the other offer. We would cry but we're having too much fun on vacation. Evidently our agent is taking pictures of another house today and emailing them to us. We shall see...


Anonymous said...

Where was the big Hoover Dam sign? We didn't see that one at all while we were there.


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